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us.artsGeneral discussion of US fine & performing arts.
us.arts.poetryUS poetry; poets; original poems.
us.configPlanning a USA national network news hierarchy.
us.issuesNational social, economic, environmental issues.
us.issues.abortionAbortion and birth control in the USA.
us.legalQ & A about US law and legal issues. oneself in legal affairs.
us.militaryGeneral topics related to the US Military.
us.military.armyLife and work in the US Army.
us.military.historyHistory of military forces in the USA.
us.military.national-guardNational Guard issues, concerns & information.
us.military.navyLife and work in the US Navy.
us.miscUS topics not covered by other newsgroups. a national bicycle greenways system.
us.politicsGeneral discussion of US politics.
us.politics.electionsElections of national interest in the USA. US Constitution & its impact on our lives. of major US-related non-political events.
us.taxesPros and cons of the US tax system.
us.testTest group for the us.* hierarchy.