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uk.adverts.booksAdverts for books
uk.adverts.carsAdvertisements for the sale of cars
uk.adverts.computerAdverts for computer related items in the UK relating to Apple's Macintosh computers for roleplaying games in the UK
uk.adverts.otherAdverts in the uk for items not covered by other groups
uk.adverts.personalsFor personal contact adverts with relevance to the UK adverts relevant to GLB readers
uk.announceGeneral announcements of UK interest (Moderated)
uk.answersRepository for periodic UK specific USENET articles. (Moderated) accounting, auditing and taxation industry in the U.K practice, procedure and legislation of police and policing in the UK
uk.comp.certificationIT Vendor Professional Certification Programs
uk.comp.home-networkingHome networking, including hardware, protocols, etc.
uk.comp.homebuiltDIY computer construction and hardware upgrades
uk.comp.miscMiscellaneous UK-related computing issues
uk.comp.os.linuxDiscussion of the Linux operating system of Microsoft Windows in the UK.
uk.comp.peripherals.miscComputer peripherals
uk.comp.securityMiscellaneous computer security discussion
uk.comp.sys.laptopsLaptop computers and their use in the UK
uk.comp.sys.macDiscussion relating to Apple's Macintosh computers
uk.comp.sys.palmtopsThe use of palmtops in the UK
uk.comp.trainingCreating and presenting computer training courses
uk.comp.vendorsIssues related to UK computer vendors
uk.comp.vintageDiscussion of older computers and consoles in the UK
uk.consultantsDiscussion from/by all types of consultants
uk.culture.arts.writingFor discussion of writing and associated topics
uk.culture.language.englishEnglish language use and abuse
uk.culture.museumsDiscussion for those with an interest in UK Museums
uk.culture.nostalgia.1980sNostagic discussion about life in the 1980s
uk.current-events.generalDiscussion of UK-related news items
uk.current-events.n-irelandEvents in Northern Ireland
uk.current-events.terrorism11 September 2001 attack on US and follow up
uk.d-i-yDo-It-Yourself about education for 16+ year olds and behavioural difficulties, Standard Grades and related topics and experiences for UK school governors of Children not enrolled at School discussion on matters in maths education relating to education issues relating to the UK Open University in UK education, Primary to 'A' level discussion about teaching discussion by/about teachers and advice for UK student teachers
uk.environmentUnited Kingdom environmental issues
uk.environment.conservationUK conservation, heritage and wildlife matters
uk.financeDiscussion about Finance issues in the UK, securities and the stockmarket & drink in all forms within the UK ales and related topics guide to UK restaurants about sausages, reviews, and advice relating to a wide range of board games UK Multi-Player Gaming discussion about computer gaming computer games in the UK related to Quake in the UK of Quake2 of Quake III: Arena in the UK, reviews, and advice relating to a wide range of games UK specific newsgroup for all aspects of roleplaying based discussion about Sega's Dreamcast based Discussion about Nintendo's GameBoy Range focused discussion of handheld video gaming discussion of video games discussion about Nintendo videogames consoles Discussion of Sony Playstation range Playstation sales & wants based discussion about Microsoft's XBox bisexuals, lesbians and gays in the UK (Moderated) Support Agency issues and topics government in the United Kingdom & tax credits from central & local government positions wanted/offered. No discussion for the over-forties vacant. No discussion wanted. No discussion
uk.legalDiscussion of legal issues in the UK topics relevant to UK law (Moderated)
uk.local.ayrshireAyrshire, Scotland
uk.local.bathThe City of Bath, England
uk.local.bedfordshireTopics relevant to the people of Bedfordshire
uk.local.birminghamThe City of Birmingham, England
uk.local.borders-regionThe Scottish Borders
uk.local.bristolThe city of Bristol, England in or visiting the Channel Islands
uk.local.cornwallThe county of Cornwall, England
uk.local.county-durhamTopics relevant to County Durham
uk.local.cumbriaThe county of Cumbria, England
uk.local.derbyshireDerbyshire issues, people, culture & events
uk.local.devonTo promote events and discussion in Devon
uk.local.dorsetDiscussion about Dorset
uk.local.east-angliaDiscussion about the region of East Anglia
uk.local.essxThe county of Essex, England
uk.local.geordieThe Culture and Civilisation centred on Newcastle upon Tyne
uk.local.glasgowLocal discussion for Glasgow, Scotland
uk.local.hampshireDiscussion about the county of Hampshire
uk.local.herefordshireHerefordshire, England
uk.local.hertfordshireThe county of Hertfordshire, England
uk.local.isle-of-wightThe Isle of Wight
uk.local.kentAll aspects of visiting, living or working in Kent
uk.local.lincolnshireTopics relevant to Lincolnshire
uk.local.londonLondon, the capital city of the United Kingdom
uk.local.lothiansDiscussions about the Lothians, Scotland
uk.local.manchesterNews and views about Greater Manchester
uk.local.merseysideMerseyside, England
uk.local.midlandsThe Midlands of England
uk.local.north-staffsDiscussion relevant to North Staffordshire
uk.local.north-walesDiscussion about the North Wales area
uk.local.nw-englandIssues concerning the North-West of England
uk.local.peterboroughThe City of Peterborough, England relating to the Scottish Highlands+Islands
uk.local.shropshireTopics relevant to Shropshire, England
uk.local.somersetEvents and discussion in Somerset
uk.local.south-walesWelsh/English, discussions relating to South Wales
uk.local.southwestGloucs, Wilts, Bristol, Som, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall
uk.local.southwest.advertsAdverts in the uk.local.southwest area
uk.local.sunderlandIssues and events affecting the Sunderland area
uk.local.surreyDiscussion about the county of Surrey
uk.local.teessideTopics relevant to the Teesside area of England
uk.local.thames-valleyLiving in or visiting the Thames Valley
uk.local.warwickshireThe County of Warwickshire
uk.local.west-walesWelsh/English discusion involving West Wales
uk.local.yorkshireDiscussion regarding the Yorkshire region of the UK
uk.local.yorkshire.moderatedThe Yorkshire region of the UK (Moderated)
uk.local.yorkshire.noticeboardAnnouncements and Adverts of Yorkshire relevance
uk.mediaDiscussion of Media in the UK UK Anime & Manga scene Digital Versatile Disc medium in the UK discuss films amongst all inhabitants of the UK group to discuss all aspects of Home Cinema in the UK all about it! Discussion of UK newspapers of the BBC radio soap opera "The Archers", Programmes and Related Topics on BBC Radio 1 and programmes on BBC Radio 2 discussion of the output of BBC Radio 3 issues and programmes on BBC Radio Four and programmes on BBC Radio 5 Live, Programs and Related Topics on BBC R6 of the BBC World Service Radio in United Kingdom BBC, Independent and Access radio in the UK Radio issues and programming about Mark Radcliffe's radio show of cable television in the UK of UK children's TV by people of all ages Creek episodes already aired in the UK of TV medical drama ER within the UK discussion regarding the US TV series Friends TV programme 'Hollyoaks' of all aspects of TV in the UK the discussion of reality TV in the UK of Babylon-5 relevant to the UK Who discussion from a UK perspective for general discussions of Science Fiction on UK television discussion of Star Trek relevant to the UK of the X-Files series shown on UK TV of "Six Feet Under" in the UK on the British Sky Broadcasting network discussion on UK airings of US sitcoms
uk.miscGeneral interest to everyone on UKnet UK "alternative" and "indie" music scene and reviews of UK breakbeat music about the UK music charts Music in the UK discussion of all aspects of Country music music in the UK and Guitar music in the UK art and pursuit of DJing in the UK discussion of UK music of music notation and software of UK rave music and the UK rave scene newsgroup for discussing rhythm and blues music music and rock musicians in a UK context. of 60's music
uk.netUsed by UKnet maintainers RFDs, CFVs, FAQs, etc. within the UK Hierarchy. (Moderated) of RFDs posted in of the uk.* news hierarchy of the moderation of uk.* groups Internet Service Provider discussion (Andrews & Arnold) discussion of the ISP Gradwell services provided by NTL of the Internet in the UK forum for UK web developers relating to the British Computer Society (Moderated) relating to the British Computer Society Project announcements. (Moderated) forum (discussion related to Astronomy) and announcements re the Compsoc UK project
uk.people.adoption.miscAll aspects of adoption in the UK
uk.people.adoption.searchingAll aspects of adoption searching in the UK
uk.people.bdsmDiscussion of bondage, discipline, s/m and D/s
uk.people.bdsm.personalsPersonal ads for bondage, D/s & s/m in the UK (Moderated)
uk.people.bodyartA UK-focused discussion forum on body modifications
uk.people.consumersDiscussion about products and services
uk.people.consumers.ebayDoing business on Ebay in the UK
uk.people.crossdressingSupport and info for UK based cross-dressers
uk.people.deadUK obituaries and discussion of dead people
uk.people.deafDiscussion about issues relating to deaf people
uk.people.disabilityDiscussion of disability related topics in the UK
uk.people.disability.bikersFor disabled bikers to discover a new freedom
uk.people.disability.transportTransport issues for the disabled
uk.people.ex-forcesEx-members of HM Forces
uk.people.gothicGothic culture, music, fashion and events in the UK
uk.people.healthHealth-related issues relevant to the UK
uk.people.parentsDiscussion about parental childcare
uk.people.parents.pregnancyPregnancy and childbirth
uk.people.polyamorousDiscussion and support for UK polyamorous people
uk.people.ruralPeople living in the countryside and their way of life
uk.people.sf-fansDiscussion area for UK SF fans
uk.people.silversurfersAdvice and chat for older internet users and related issues fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis, support and chat for depressed people, support and chat about diabetes general discussion group of UK mental health issues Sclerosis general discussion
uk.people.teensGeneral disscussion by Teenagers in the UK
uk.philosophy.atheismAtheist philosophy, UK atheism + atheists
uk.philosophy.humanismUK issues in Humanism and in Secular thought
uk.philosophy.miscGeneral discussion of philosophy
uk.politics.animalsUK political discussion concerning animals
uk.politics.censorshipDiscussion of censorship
uk.politics.constitutionConstitutional issues relating to the UK
uk.politics.crimeCriminal policy relating to the UK
uk.politics.drugsPolitics of legal and illegal drug use in the UK
uk.politics.economicsEconomic policy relating to the UK
uk.politics.electoralDiscussion of elections & electoral systems in the UK
uk.politics.environmentPolitics and the environment in the UK
uk.politics.gunsFor discussion of guns and gun laws in the UK national ID register and ID cards in the UK.
uk.politics.miscMiscellaneous UK political discussion
uk.politics.parliamentDiscussion of the UK Parliament
uk.politics.philosophyPhilosophical basis for politics in the UK
uk.politics.ruralA rural-centric debate of government plans and policy radio and related matters radio and related matters (Moderated)
uk.railwayDiscussion about railways in the UK
uk.rec.aquaria.miscAll aspects of aquaria
uk.rec.audioDiscussion and exchange of hi-fi audio equipment audio systems discussion in the UK involving vinyl as the source
uk.rec.aviationFlying related interests/activities in the UK
uk.rec.birdwatchingDiscussion of all aspects of United Kingdom Birdwatching aspects of motor boating in the UK matters relating to boats that are paddled
uk.rec.bodybuildingAspects of bodybuilding in the UK
uk.rec.campingDevoted to the discussion of camping in the uk
uk.rec.caravanningRecreational and technical aspects of caravanning about 4 Wheel Drive & Off-Road Cars Cars in the UK and running cars on LPG in the UK cars and post-import issues, use, and repair of Kit-Cars in the UK car maintenance, use and repair of MG cars in the UK UK car topics of car modifications (tuning, styling) Manufactured sports cars and relevant events Aircooled VW Vehicles water-cooled cars
uk.rec.cavingCaving, pot-holing etc. for sport/exploration/research
uk.rec.climbingRock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering
uk.rec.collecting.coinsCoin and banknote collecting
uk.rec.collecting.miscAntiques and collectibles of interest in the UK
uk.rec.competitionsAnnouncement/discussion of UK based competitions
uk.rec.craftsNewsgroup for craft related topics in the UK
uk.rec.crafts.sewingDiscussion of sewing (by hand or machine) in the UK
uk.rec.cyclingDiscussion of UK cycling issues
uk.rec.cycling.moderatedCycling in the UK (Moderated)
uk.rec.dancingRecreational and competitive dancing within the UK
uk.rec.drivingDiscussion of all aspects of non-professional driving
uk.rec.drugs.cannabisCannabis use and abuse in the UK
uk.rec.engines.stationaryFor the preservation of stationary engines
uk.rec.equestrianDiscussion of general UK equestrian activities the discussion of coarse angling the discussion of game angling the discussion of sea angling
uk.rec.gambling.miscUK-related gambling discussion
uk.rec.gardeningTo discuss gardening topics relevant to the UK
uk.rec.gpsGlobal Positioning Systems and radio navigation systems
uk.rec.humourHumour with a UK perspective.
uk.rec.interior-designDesign and style aspects of home improvements
uk.rec.metaldetectingMetaldetecting topics in the UK
uk.rec.models.engineeringAll aspects of model engineering in the UK Radio Control Aero Modelling Radio Control Cars, Buggies, Trucks
uk.rec.models.railRailway model making
uk.rec.motorcaravansRecreational and technical aspects of motorcaravanning
uk.rec.motorcyclesFor discussion of motorcycle issues relevant to the UK motorcycles, owning, riding, restoring those interested in motorcycle trailriding
uk.rec.motorsport.miscUK Motorsports, primarily from those involved
uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racingSupport and participation in oval track racing
uk.rec.natural-historyThe study of UK wildlife
uk.rec.naturistDiscussion,chat, on naturism in uk, europe
uk.rec.pets.miscPet care and related issues in the UK for photographic equipment, services and jobs and Photographic issues in the UK
uk.rec.psychicPsychic matters discussion of Citizens' Band Radio in the UK
uk.rec.rights-of-wayUK rights of way and associated issues
uk.rec.runningRunning, jogging, racing and related issues
uk.rec.sailingTo discuss all aspects of sailing activity in the UK
uk.rec.scoutingDiscussion of Scouting and Guiding in the UK
uk.rec.scubaUK scuba diving
uk.rec.shedsSheds: culture, contents, usage
uk.rec.shooting.claysClay pigeon shooting and related disciplines
uk.rec.shooting.gameGame/pest control shooting and related disciplines
uk.rec.shooting.targetTarget shooting and related disciplines
uk.rec.skydivingUK related sport parachuting
uk.rec.subterraneaTunnels and other man-made/used spaces underneath the UK
uk.rec.ufoUFO phenomena, reports and related topics in the UK Video, hardware, software & use
uk.rec.walkingTo exchange information on walking, hiking or rambling in the uk
uk.rec.waterwaysfor discussing British waterways
uk.rec.waterways.fensDiscussion of the Fen waterways
uk.rec.youth-hostelDiscussion of youth hostels and hostelling
uk.religion.buddhistDiscussion of the buddhist faith
uk.religion.christianChristianity in the UK (Moderated)
uk.religion.hinduDiscussion of the hindu faith
uk.religion.interfaithDiscussion of the interfaith issues
uk.religion.islamDiscussion of the islamic faith
uk.religion.jewishDiscussion of the jewish faith (Moderated)
uk.religion.miscDiscussion about religion in general
uk.religion.other-faithsDiscussion of the other faiths
uk.religion.paganPagan orientated topics and experiences in the UK
uk.sci.astronomyAstronomy in the UK Nursing Issues to the practice of pharmacy in the UK
uk.sci.miscMiscellaneous UK science
uk.sci.weatherFor the discussion of weather events
uk.singlesDiscussion for people about, or who are, single & Field Athletics results, rankings & fixtures discussion of baseball in its widest context aspects of sports betting from a UK view of UK cricket Football in the UK Football Club discussion United Football Club Football Club City Football Club United Football Club Ham United Football Club of Golf within the UK focussed group for the discussion of horseracing topics horseracing discussion of ice hockey as played in and by GB of sport within the UK Fans 1 motorsport and the UK all Speedway fans & Riders Swimming in the UK used in UK radio and TV broadcasting issues of domestic digital television issues of electronic security Automation in the UK UK technology issues of Sky television disk-based Personal Video Recorder(PVR) systems
uk.telecomDiscussion of UK telecommunications
uk.telecom.broadbandADSL/cable/other broadband services/products
uk.telecom.mobileMobile telephone equipment and networks
uk.telecom.voipVoice over IP technology and related matters
uk.testUK wide tests
uk.transportTransportation issues in the United Kingdom
uk.transport.airDiscussion of commercial/military aviation in UK
uk.transport.busesIssues facing the UK bus industry
uk.transport.londonDiscussion of all forms of transport in London