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sci.aeronauticsThe science of aeronautics & related technology. (Moderated)
sci.agricultureFarming, agriculture and related topics.
sci.agriculture.beekeepingBeekeeping, bee-culture and hive products.
sci.agriculture.fruitAgricultural techniques for fruit, berries & nuts.
sci.agriculture.poultryChickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry.
sci.agriculture.ratitesOstrich, emu, rhea, or cassowary ranching.
sci.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
sci.anthropologyAll aspects of studying humankind.
sci.anthropology.paleoEvolution of man and other primates.
sci.archaeologyStudying antiquities of the world.
sci.archaeology.mesoamericanThe field of mesoamerican archaeology.
sci.archaeology.moderatedAll aspects of archaeology. (Moderated)
sci.astroAstronomy discussions and information.
sci.astro.amateurAmateur astronomy equipment, techniques, info, etc.
sci.astro.ccd-imagingAstronomical digital image capture and processing.
sci.astro.fitsIssues related to the Flexible Image Transport System.
sci.astro.hubbleProcessing Hubble Space Telescope data. (Moderated)
sci.astro.planetariumDiscussion of planetariums.
sci.astro.researchForum in astronomy/astrophysics research. (Moderated)
sci.astro.satellites.visual-observeVisually observing artificial satellite.
sci.astro.setiThe Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. scientific study of plants. research. on homopteran (sap-sucking) insects. butterflies & moths. insect study and related issues. behavior and behavioral ecology. of evolutionary biology. (Moderated) aspects of fisheries science and fish biology. related to food science and technology. of amphibians and reptiles. of biological material., fungi, algae, other microscopic organisms. and related sciences. of the past (but no creation vs evolution!). aspects of plant diseases and pests. (Moderated), taxonomy, and the tree of life. topic relating to biotechnology.
sci.chemChemistry and related sciences.
sci.chem.analyticalAnalytical chemistry.
sci.chem.coatingsPaints and Coatings practitioners.
sci.chem.electrochemThe field of electrochemistry.
sci.chem.electrochem.batteryAnalyzing all aspects of all types of batteries.
sci.chem.labwareChemical laboratory equipment. organic chemistry related topics. (Moderated)
sci.chem.organometOrganometallic chemistry.
sci.cognitivePerception, memory, judgement and reasoning.
sci.comp-aidedThe use of computers as tools in scientific research.
sci.cryonicsTheory and practice of biostasis, suspended animation.
sci.cryptDifferent methods of data en/decryption.
sci.crypt.random-numbersGenerating cryptographic strength randomness.
sci.crypt.researchCryptography, cryptanalysis, and related issues. (Moderated), storage and retrieval of scientific data.
sci.econThe science of economics.
sci.econ.researchResearch in all fields of economics. (Moderated)
sci.eduThe science of education.
sci.electronics.basicsElementary questions about electronics.
sci.electronics.cadSchematic drafting, printed circuit layout, simulation.
sci.electronics.componentsIntegrated circuits, resistors, capacitors.
sci.electronics.designElectronic circuit design.
sci.electronics.equipmentTest, lab, & industrial electronic products.
sci.electronics.miscGeneral discussions of the field of electronics.
sci.electronics.repairFixing electronic equipment.
sci.energyDiscussions about energy, science & technology. about hydrogen as an alternative fuel.
sci.engrTechnical discussions about engineering tasks.
sci.engr.analysisAll aspects of engineering analysis.
sci.engr.biomedDiscussing the field of biomedical engineering.
sci.engr.chemAll aspects of chemical engineering.
sci.engr.civilTopics related to civil engineering.
sci.engr.colorThe art, science, and industry of coloring.
sci.engr.controlThe engineering of control systems.
sci.engr.electrical.complianceLaws, regulations and design for EMC, safety.
sci.engr.electrical.sys-protectionPower system protection.
sci.engr.geomechanicsGeomechanics issues and related topics.
sci.engr.heat-vent-acHeating, ventilating, air conditioning & refrigeration.
sci.engr.joining.miscJoining of materials for manufacture & repair.
sci.engr.joining.weldingWelding of materials for manufacture & repair.
sci.engr.lightingLight, vision & color in architecture, media, etc.
sci.engr.manufacturingManufacturing technology.
sci.engr.mechThe field of mechanical engineering.
sci.engr.metallurgyMetallurgical Engineering.
sci.engr.micromachiningDevices enabled by micromachined structures.
sci.engr.miningMining engineering and mining technical topics.
sci.engr.radar+sonarRadar & sonar systems.
sci.engr.safetyAll aspects of the safety of engineered systems.
sci.engr.semiconductorsSemiconductor devices, processes, materials, physics.
sci.engr.surveyingMeasurement and mapping of the earth surface.
sci.engr.television.advancedHDTV/DATV standards, equipment, practices, etc.
sci.engr.television.broadcastBroadcast facility equipment and practices.
sci.environmentDiscussions about the environment and ecology.
sci.environment.wasteImpact of Wastes and Waste Management Methods.
sci.fractalsObjects of non-integral dimension and other chaos.
sci.geo.cartographyMaps, grids, coordinates, projections, datums.
sci.geo.earthquakesFor discussion of earthquakes and related matters.
sci.geo.eosNASA's Earth Observation System (EOS).
sci.geo.fluidsDiscussion of geophysical fluid dynamics.
sci.geo.geologyDiscussion of solid earth sciences.
sci.geo.hydrologySurface and groundwater hydrology.
sci.geo.meteorologyDiscussion of meteorology and related topics.
sci.geo.mineralogyMineralogy, rock hounding and related topics.
sci.geo.oceanographyOceanography, oceanology and marine science.
sci.geo.petroleumAll aspects of petroleum and the petroleum industry.
sci.geo.rivers+lakesScience of rivers and lakes.
sci.geo.satellite-navSatellite navigation systems, especially GPS.
sci.image.processingScientific image processing and analysis.
sci.langNatural languages, communication, etc.
sci.lang.japanThe Japanese language, both spoken and written.
sci.lang.translationProblems and concerns of translators/interpreters.
sci.lang.translation.marketplaceProfessional translators' marketplace., stopping or reversing the ageing process.
sci.logicLogic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects.
sci.materialsAll aspects of materials engineering.
sci.materials.ceramicsCeramic science.
sci.mathMathematical discussions and pursuits.
sci.math.num-analysisNumerical Analysis.
sci.math.researchDiscussion of current mathematical research. (Moderated)
sci.math.symbolicSymbolic algebra discussion.
sci.mech.fluidsAll aspects of fluid mechanics.
sci.medMedicine and its related products and regulations. of medical cannabis. aspects of cardiovascular diseases. related topics; all about teeth. Lateral Sclerosis research and care., treatment, and prevention of cancer. diseases. Disease: patient support, research & information. information exhange. aspects of immune illness. applications in medical care. aspects of laboratory medicine and management. questions and discussion. impacts of diet. Surgery, related issues and management. (Moderated) and laboratory medicine. teaching and practice of pharmacy. of physics in medical testing/care. prostatic hypertrophy. cancer. and news in psychiatry and psychobiology. aspects of radiology. and interventional radiology. networks. No diagnosis questions. for and about medical transcriptionists. vision, visual correction, and visual science.
sci.military.moderatedMilitary technology. (Moderated)
sci.military.navalNavies of the world, past, present and future.
sci.miscShort-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.
sci.nanotechSelf-reproducing molecular-scale machines. (Moderated)
sci.nonlinearChaotic systems and other nonlinear scientific study.
sci.op-researchResearch, teaching & application of operations research.
sci.opticsDiscussion relating to the science of optics.
sci.optics.fiberFiber optic components, systems, applications.
sci.philosophy.metaDiscussions within the scope of "MetaPhilosophy."
sci.philosophy.techTechnical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc.
sci.physicsPhysical laws, properties, etc.
sci.physics.acceleratorsParticle accelerators and the physics of beams.
sci.physics.acousticsTopics in acoustics and vibrations.
sci.physics.computational.fluid-dynamicsComputational fluid dynamics.
sci.physics.cond-matterCondensed matter physics, theory and experiment.
sci.physics.electromagElectromagnetic theory and applications.
sci.physics.foundationsFundamental and philosophical physics. (Moderated)
sci.physics.fusionInfo on fusion, esp. "cold" fusion.
sci.physics.particleParticle physics discussions.
sci.physics.plasmaPlasma Science & Technology community exchange. (Moderated)
sci.physics.relativityThe theory of relativity.
sci.physics.researchCurrent physics research. (Moderated)
sci.physics.stringsString theory and related fields. (Moderated)
sci.polymersAll aspects of polymer science.
sci.psychology.announcePsychology-related announcements. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.miscGeneral discussion of psychology.
sci.psychology.personalityAll personality systems & measurement.
sci.psychology.psychotherapyPractice of psychotherapy.
sci.psychology.researchResearch issues in psychology. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.theoryTheories of psychology & behavior.
sci.researchResearch methods, funding, ethics, and whatever.
sci.research.careersIssues relevant to careers in scientific research.
sci.research.postdocAnything about postdoctoral studies, including offers.
sci.skepticSkeptics discussing pseudo-science. manned and unmanned space flight programs. about space related topics. (Moderated) of space-related news items. (Moderated) about space policy. and planetary science and related technical work. (Moderated) space shuttle and the STS program. stations and orbiting platforms. and general issues related to space flight. (Moderated)
sci.stat.consultStatistical consulting.
sci.stat.eduStatistics education.
sci.stat.mathStatistics from a strictly mathematical viewpoint.
sci.systemsThe theory and application of systems science.
sci.techniques.mag-resonanceMagnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
sci.techniques.microscopyThe field of microscopy.
sci.techniques.spectroscopySpectrum analysis.
sci.techniques.testing.miscGeneral testing techniques in science.
sci.techniques.testing.nondestructiveNondestructive tests in science.
sci.techniques.xtallographyThe field of crystallography.