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nihon.announceAnnouncements about nihon newsgroups.
nihon.beginners.pcQuestions and answers about PC for beginners.
nihon.beginners.salonNetnews beginners' salon.
nihon.booksTopics about books.
nihon.compGeneral topics on computers. on Microsoft Windows 98.
nihon.configTalking about nihon.
nihon.config.abuseDiscussion on abuse of nihon.* hierarchy.
nihon.config.feedDiscussions about news feed of nihon.
nihon.config.groupsDiscussions of nihon.* newsgroups.
nihon.config.policyDiscussion on the policy of nihon.* hierarchy.
nihon.enkaiAdvertisement and Discussion about party. about morning-musume.
nihon.gengo.nihongoTopics on Japanese language.
nihon.internetTopics on the Internet.
nihon.internet.providersTopics on internet service providers. on website 2ch.
nihon.jokesJokes. on examination.
nihon.mailGeneral topics on mail.
nihon.mail.friendsAdvertisements for mail friends.
nihon.miscMiscellaneous topics.
nihon.netnewsGeneral topics on NetNews.
nihon.netnews.readerTopics on news readers.
nihon.soc.nuclearTopics on atomic energy.
nihon.soc.politicsTopics on politics.
nihon.talkLet's freetalk. about color. about diet. on games. stories. on Lucanidae (stag beetle). about music. about robot. on sports. about television and TV programs. about vehicles.
nihon.test.checkThe newsgroup for automatic checking on test