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misc.activism.progressiveInformation for Progressive activists. (Moderated)
misc.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
misc.books.technicalDiscussion of books about technical topics. business of consulting. (Moderated) for marketing topics. (Moderated) for general business topics. (Moderated) aspects of professional records management.
misc.consumersConsumer interests, product reviews, etc.
misc.consumers.frugal-livingPracticing a frugal lifestyle.
misc.consumers.houseDiscussion about owning and maintaining a house. interest housing developments.
misc.creativityPromoting the use of creativity in all human endeavors.
misc.educationDiscussion of the educational system. education and adult literacy practice/research. home-schooling. anything about home-schooling. English to speakers of other languages. related to medical education. related to science education.
misc.emerg-servicesForum for paramedics & other first responders.
misc.entrepreneursDiscussion on operating a business.
misc.entrepreneurs.moderatedEntrepreneur/business topics. (Moderated)
misc.facts.straight-dopeThe Straight Dope column and related topics. forms of aerobic activity. other general fitness topics. walking: help, instruction, events., weightlifting, resistance. expansion cards. Macintosh equipment. software. chips and modules for sale and wanted. for sale and wanted. hardware for sale and wanted. other equipment. for other systems. expansion cards. PC-specific equipment. PC systems. software. PC systems., CDROM and tape drives for sale and wanted. related computer items. items for sale and wanted.
misc.handicapDiscussions of interest to persons with disabilities.
misc.headlinesCurrent interest: drug testing, terrorism, etc. issues and support., complementary and holistic health care. and related disorders. of diabetes management in day to day life. & support of infertility. about Repetitive Strain Injuries. areas of occupational therapy.
misc.immigration.australia+nzMigration forum for Australia and New Zealand.
misc.immigration.canadaCanada immigration issues.
misc.immigration.miscMiscellaneous countries immigration issues.
misc.immigration.usaUSA immigration issues.
misc.industry.electronics.marketplaceElectronics products & services.
misc.industry.qualityQuality standards and other issues.
misc.industry.utilities.electricThe electric utility industry. of intellectual property rights.
misc.invest.canadaInvesting in Canadian financial markets. planning in general. (Moderated)
misc.invest.futuresPhysical commodity and financial futures markets.
misc.invest.marketplaceAll other ads/promotions.
misc.invest.miscInvestments not in other misc.invest.* groups. Funds.
misc.invest.optionsFinancial options on stocks and futures.
misc.invest.real-estateProperty investments.
misc.invest.stocksForum for sharing info about stocks and options.
misc.invest.technicalAnalyzing market trends with technical methods. about contract labor. in the chemical sciences. about employment, workplaces, careers. of resumes and "situation wanted" articles.
misc.kidsChildren, their behavior and activities., support, and decisions re breastfeeding. use of computers by children.'s health. planning, pregnancy, childbirth. on all forms of family-oriented vacationing.
misc.legalLegalities and the ethics of law. the legal climate of the computing world. aspects of law. (Moderated)
misc.metric-systemThe International System of Units.
misc.miscVarious discussions not fitting in any other group. of news bulletins from the Net. telephones.'s iPhone.
misc.ruralDevoted to issues concerning rural living.
misc.survivalismDisaster and long-term survival techniques and theory.
misc.taxesTax laws and advice.
misc.taxes.moderatedTax professionals meeting place and answers to queries. (Moderated)
misc.testFor testing of network software. Very boring.
misc.test.moderatedTesting of posting to moderated groups. (Moderated)
misc.transport.air-industryAirlines, airports, commercial aircraft. (Moderated)
misc.transport.marineMaritime and inland waterways transportation.
misc.transport.miscGeneral transportation issues.
misc.transport.rail.americasRailroads & railways in North & South America.
misc.transport.rail.australia-nzRailways in Australia & New Zealand.
misc.transport.rail.europeRailroads & railways in all of Europe.
misc.transport.rail.miscRail issues not in other geographic groups.
misc.transport.roadRoad and highway transportation.
misc.transport.truckingCommercial trucking related issues.
misc.transport.urban-transitMetropolitan public transportation systems.
misc.wantedRequests for things that are needed (NOT software).
misc.writingDiscussion of writing in all of its forms.
misc.writing.screenplaysAspects of writing and selling screenplays.
misc.writing.screenplays.moderatedCraft/business of screenwriting. (Moderated)