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japan.actressTopics on actress. for announcement, regardless on commercial or not. of products, exhibit or exhibition. advertise that there are no groups to match*. advertise or exhibition and etc. for products, services or new-releases.
japan.admin.abuseDiscussions about spam or abuse of newspost.
japan.admin.abuse.listsLists of abuse articles on netnews.
japan.admin.announceInformation about control messages and etc, for postmasters.
japan.admin.feedDiscussions about news feed for category japan.
japan.admin.feed-checkFeed check for usenet administrator.
japan.admin.groupsDiscussions and Proposal about newgroup or rmgroup.
japan.admin.listsNews-related statistics and lists.
japan.admin.miscVarious discussions that there are no groups to match japan.admin.*.
japan.admin.policyDiscussions and Proposal about japan's policy.
japan.aisatsuAbout greetings (not on duty).
japan.animalTopics about whole animal.
japan.animal.catTopics on cat.
japan.animal.dogTopics about dogs and life with them.
japan.animal.penguinLet's talk about lovely penguins.
japan.animeTalking about animations.
japan.anime.evangelionTalking about Evangelion.
japan.anime.evangelion.asukaTopics on Asuka.
japan.anime.evangelion.ayanamiTalking about Rei-Ayanami.
japan.anime.evangelion.nervTopics on Nerv and it's staff.
japan.anime.galaxy-express-999Topics on Galaxy Express 999.
japan.anime.gundamTopics on famous japanese robot animation GUNDAM.
japan.anime.prettyAbout pretty animation. about ICQ. on Macromedia apprications. about Paint Shop Pro. about PostPet. on China. on North/South Korea. about the Imperial family in Japan.
japan.audioNewsgroup for Audio. on motorcycles. about enthu autos or peoples. about imported car. The public house LOFT/PLUS ONE.
japan.bbsTalking about bbs.
japan.bbs.asciinetTopics on virtual ASCIInet.
japan.bbs.nifty-serveDiscussions about Nifty-Serve.
japan.bbs.pc-vanTopics about pc-van. on visual datas for animation end etc. on visual datas for Cosplay and etc. encoded erotic visual data (within 128kb/article). on visual datas for lolita and etc (within 128kb/article). girls (within 128kb/article and within 1024kb/picture). on visual data for shota and etc. (within 128kb/article). encoded fine picture arts WITHOUT EROTIC MATTER. encoded miscellaneous pictures WITHOUT EROTIC MATTER. encoded under water photographs (within 128kb/article). of bizarre objects in our life.
japan.booksTopics on books and magazine.
japan.budo.judoTopics on Judo.
japan.budo.kyudoTopics on Kyudo.
japan.campLet's talk about Camp.
japan.campus.u-airCommunication space for students of the University of the Air.
japan.chacha-jokesJokes or interrupt posted articles on japan.* by ones.
japan.chacha-jokes.hnetaErotic Jokes or interrupt posted articles on japan.* by ones.
japan.chatMiscellaneous discussions or talking. conversation for men And women. on military. Sometimes silly. of ld good daies, begines with now a daies youth.'s talk about Club-Asia Maruyama-cho Shibuya Japan.
japan.comics.dilbertDuhscussion about the comic strip "Dilbert".
japan.comike.chatTalking about a literary coterie magazine.
japan.comike.cosplayTopics on Cosplay. (Cosplay = To wear clothes of game or anime cha racter and so on.)
japan.comike.infoTopics on exhibition and spot sale for literary coterie magazine.
japan.compAbout computers in general.
japan.comp.beTopics on BeOS and/or BeBox.
japan.comp.bugsTopics about computer BUGs.
japan.comp.cadInformation about CAD. about CD-R, CD-RW.
japan.comp.dtpTopics and Discussion about DTP and digital prepress.
japan.comp.emacsTalking about Emacs/Mule/XEmacs.
japan.comp.emulators.fusionAbout Mac emulator FUSION for PC.
japan.comp.emulators.miscAbout emulators in general.
japan.comp.firmwareTalk about firmware.
japan.comp.freebsdAbout unix like os FreeBSD
japan.comp.gnuTopics on GNU.
japan.comp.hpuxTalking about the HP-UX.
japan.comp.lang.basicTopics on basic language excluding visual-basic.
japan.comp.lang.cTopics about C language.
japan.comp.lang.delphiTopics on Windows RAD developmental environment Delphi.
japan.comp.lang.javascriptTopics on Netscape communications script language JavaScript.
japan.comp.lang.miscDiscussion about computer languages of all other kinds.
japan.comp.lang.perlAbout Perl.
japan.comp.lang.postscriptTopics on PostScript.
japan.comp.lang.rexxTopics on REXX language.
japan.comp.lang.sTopics on S language and it's environment.
japan.comp.lang.visual-basicTopics on visual-basic.
japan.comp.lang.visual-c++Topics and technical informations for Microsoft VisualC++.
japan.comp.lang.vrmlTopics on Virtual Reality Modeling Language
japan.comp.lang.xmlDiscussion and exchanging information on XML.
japan.comp.linuxAbout unix like os Linux.
japan.comp.macAbout MacOS and Macintosh.
japan.comp.macosxTalk about MacOS X Server.
japan.comp.mobileAbout mobile computers and computing. wristwatch PC Ruputer.
japan.comp.mp3MPEG Audio Layer 3, a standard for digital audio coding.
japan.comp.nextTopics on NeXT Computer corp. on OpenGL.
japan.comp.os2About OS/2.
japan.comp.pc98Topics on NEC PC-9800 selies.
japan.comp.rc5-64Topics on the RC5-64 contest.
japan.comp.rdbTopics on RDB.
japan.comp.sgiTopics on SGI systems.
japan.comp.skkAbout kana-kanji conversion system skk.
japan.comp.sonyDiscussions on Sony computers such as VAIO.
japan.comp.sunAbout SUN.
japan.comp.sys.intelTopics on INTEL CPU system.
japan.comp.sys.motorolaTopics and Discussion about motorola's CPU.
japan.comp.toshibaTopics on TOSHIBA PC.
japan.comp.unixTopics on UNIX. about Microsoft Windows CE. on Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition. on Microsoft Windows-NT.
japan.comp.windows2000Topics on Microsoft Windows 2000.
japan.comp.windows95Topics on Microsoft Windows95.
japan.comp.windows98Topics on Microsoft Windows98.
japan.comp.wnnTopics related to Wnn.
japan.comp.x11Topics about X Window System.
japan.configAbout "japan" newsgroups.
japan.cookingTopics on cooking. about baking.
japan.cosplayTopics on Cosplay. (Cosplay = To wear clothes of game or anime character and so on.)
japan.dajareNewsgroups for a pun.
japan.dajare.dDiscussion on puns.
japan.disaster.discussionDiscussion about disaster.
japan.disaster.informationInformation about disaster.
japan.disneyFeel the Magic! Let's talk about Disney.
japan.dreamsAbout dreams.
japan.dreams.lucidTopics about dream or lucid dream,
japan.engekiTalking about play and theaters. on architecture.
japan.enkaiInformation and Discussion about banguet or party.
japan.enkai.yoinTalking about finished party.
japan.environmentThinking about the environment.
japan.environment.nature-watchTalking about Nature Watching. about woman announcer. about Maywa-Denki.'s make friendship with netnews people. about Mr. Void.
japan.fiction.kyogokuWorks of Natsuhiko KYOGOKU and related topics.
japan.fiction.tanaka-yoshikiWorks of Yoshiki TANAKA and related topics.
japan.financeDiscussion and various topics about finance. on investment. virtual stock game.
japan.fishingTopics about fishing. Fly-Fishing. about lure fishing.
japan.foodAbout foods, drinks and eating. about Rahmen. about ryukyuan food. on soft drinks.
japan.foreign-student.cambodiaTopics on foreign students from Cambodia.
japan.foreign-student.chineseTopics on Chinese foreign students.
japan.fusigiTopics on a wonder things.
japan.gakkou.chuugakuTopics on junior high school life.
japan.gakkou.highschoolTopics on high school life.
japan.gakkou.kyouikuTopics on school education.
japan.gakkou.novaTalk about NOVA school. on IGO game. about mahjong. about Pachinko and Pachi-Slot. about halls of Pachinko and Pachi-Slot. about Shogi. groups is about Slot-Machine.
japan.gardeningTopics about gardening. about "GEGEBO" foods and drinks.
japan.guchiGrumbling or complains.
japan.haiku-wakaEnjoy¡¡Haiku and Waka.
japan.ham-radioTopics about ham radio.
japan.ham-radio.dxccInfomation to collect DXCC.
japan.handmade.compAbout handmade computers or recreation of computers.
japan.handmade.electronicsAbout handmade electronics.
japan.handmade.photoAbout handmade of photograph and so son.
japan.happyTopics on what you feel happy.
japan.herbs-spicesTopics on herbs and spices.
japan.idobata.highschool.kunitachiPrivate talk about Tokyo metoropilitan Kunitachi high-school.
japan.idobata.hitotsu-bashiPrivate talk about Hitotsubashi univ.
japan.idobata.jaistPrivate talk about JAIST. talk about Kyoto univ. talk about Nagoya univ.
japan.idobata.naistPrivate talk about NAIST. talk about Osaka univ.
japan.idolTopics on Idol
japan.idol.enomoto-kanakoAbout Enomoto-Kanako.
japan.idol.gravure-idolsTopics of gravure idol. (DO NOT POST PICTURES)
japan.idol.hinagataAbout Hinagata-Akiko.
japan.idol.hirosueAbout Ryoko-Hirosue.
japan.idol.johnnysTalking about Johnnys production.
japan.idol.kato.norikoTalking about Kato-Noriko.
japan.idol.maleTopics on male idols.
japan.idol.maxTopics on 4 women idol singers MAX.
japan.idol.mizukiTalking about Arisa-Mizuki.
japan.idol.morning-musumeTopics on idol group morning-musume.
japan.idol.okinaTopics on Okina.
japan.idol.sakai.norikoAbout Sakai-Noriko.
japan.idol.speedTopics on 4 women idol singers SPEED.
japan.idol.takahashi.yumikoAbout Takahashi-Yumiko.
japan.idol.tomosakaTopics on Rie-Tomosaka.
japan.idol.uchida.yukiAbout Uchida-Yuki.
japan.internet.catvInternet access via cable television network.
japan.internet.domainTopics about Internet domain.
japan.internet.futureDiscussion about futures Netnews, WWW or Internet.
japan.internet.personalTopics on personal Internet connection.
japan.internet.phoneTalking about CoolTalk, NetMeeting, iphone and etc.
japan.internet.providersTopics on internet providers.
japan.internet.webtvTopics about WebTV.
japan.ircTopics on IRC.
japan.jiei-taiTopics on Japan Self Diffence Forces.
japan.jijiTalking about timely matters.
japan.kakutou-giTalking about fighting sports.
japan.karaokeTalking about KARAOKE.
japan.kissaTalking about tea break.
japan.kissa.mountainTalking about charismatic lunchroom "Mountain" in Nagoya, JPN.
japan.lang.english.communicationTopics on English comminications.
japan.lang.japaneseTopics about Japanese language.
japan.lang.kansaiLet's Talk about Kansai Japanese.
japan.lang.klingonLet's talk in Klingon, about Klingon.
japan.lang.latinaLatine colloquamur. de lingua latina disputemus.
japan.lifeTalking about our life. Japanese who living in Amerian continent. Japanese who living in Asia. Japanese who living in Europe. Japanese who living in other area. Japanese who living Oseania. the electric appliances. (electricity)'s talk anything about family. on health issues. on atopic dermatitis. on the lefty. on medial nursing. on marriage. about hot springs spas. about senior generation. about single life. houses or dwellings.
japan.mail-friendsRequests for mail friends.
japan.mail.discussionDiscussion about e-mail.
japan.mail.mailing-listsTopics on mailing lists.
japan.mail.readerTopics on mail user agent (mail reader).
japan.mail.systemTopics on mail transfer agent system.
japan.mangaTalking about manga.
japan.manga.4komaTalking about 4-koma manga.
japan.manga.fssTalking about The Five Star Stories.
japan.manga.nagano-norikoTalking about Noriko-Nagano.
japan.mania.shotaTalking about "shota".
japan.mirai-yosokuFuture analysis and futurology.
japan.monoTalking about the things.
japan.moviesTalking about movies.
japan.movies.bladerunnerTalking about Bladerunner.
japan.musicTopics on music. about alternative music. on black music. on blueses. on classical music. on comic bands. about music compose. and informations about desk top music. on fusion. about GIRL POP. on Every Little Thing. on Makoto Kawamoto. on CHisato-Moritaka. PUFFY. on the guitar. on hard rock music. on heavy metal music. on house music. on jazz music. on Tetsuya-Komuro or his family or TMN. about new age music. about "EACH" Ohtaki and label NIAGARA. about American/European pops and easy listening music. about punk music. about techno music. About Japanese Pop-band TUBE. on UK. Iindie music and etc. about "URAKATA" of music scene. of wind instrument music. about the music in the world.
japan.naplpsTopics on NAPLPS protocols. about networking by ADSL. about ISDN and Terminal Adapters. about handyphone. about personal handyphone system. on routers. on UUCP.
japan.netgames.nazonazoLet's play riddles.
japan.netgames.nazonazo.dDiscussion of playing riddles.
japan.netgames.shiritoriShiritori on netnews.
japan.netgames.shiritori.dDiscussion Shiritori which posted on japan.netgames.shiritori.d.
japan.netnewsTopics on Net-News.
japan.netnews.crimeA criminal act on the netnews.
japan.netnews.groups-ideaTalking about new/remove newsgroup's ideas of japan.*.
japan.netnews.htmlDiscussions on the suitability of HTML in Internet news groups. on new top category.
japan.netnews.reader.datulaTopics on Datula.
japan.netnews.reader.gnusTopics on GNUS/Gnus.
japan.netnews.reader.mnewsTopics on Mini News Reader (mnews).
japan.netnews.reader.msinAbout usage of Microsoft Internet News.
japan.netnews.reader.othersTopics on other netnews readers.
japan.netnews.reader.outlook-expressTopics on Microsoft Outlook Express.
japan.netnews.reader.slrnAbout a netnews client slrn.
japan.netnews.usageTopics about usage of the japan.* newsgroups.
japan.original.essayFor posting your original essay.
japan.owaraiTalking about "OWARAI".
japan.owarai.2chomeTalking about second streeters.
japan.personality.yamamoto-masayukiLet's talk about Masayuki-Yamamoto.
japan.pets.dogsTalking about dogs.
japan.pets.dogs.breedTalking about dogs breed.
japan.pets.dogs.careTalking about dogs care.
japan.pets.hamsterAbout hamster keeping. on phographic magazines and books. camera and parts. on photographic exhibition. photography. on photogpaths serverd on WWW.
japan.poemEnjoy Poem.
japan.pokemonTheme of pokemon.
japan.puzzle.cubeTopics on Rubic Cube.
japan.puzzle.miscTopics on miscellaneous puzzles.
japan.puzzle.slither-linkTopics on slither link.
japan.q-and-a.miscMiscellaneous questions and answers.
japan.q-and-a.netnewsQuestions and answers about Net-News.
japan.race.keibaTopics on horse race.
japan.radioTalking about radio.'s talk about BCL. on community frequency.
japan.railTopics on railroad.
japan.rail.steam-locomotiveAbout steam locomotive.
japan.rail.travelAbout travel by train in Japan.
japan.rekishiLet's talk about history, on love.
japan.robamimiTopics not permittid to talk but wanted to talk to someone.
japan.rossiaTalking about Rossia and Rossian.
japan.ryoko-chokinTalkig about "Ryoko-chokin".
japan.ryugakuTalking about going abroad for study.
japan.sakeTopics on liquor.
japan.sci.algorithmAbout algorithm.
japan.sci.astroDiscussion about stars, planets and comets.
japan.sci.mathTopics on mathematics.
japan.sci.miscTopics on natural science.
japan.sci.nmrTalking about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
japan.sci.spaceTalking about space. on Pretty Good Privacy(tm).
japan.seiyuAbout seiyu.
japan.seiyu.hekiruTalk about Hekiru Shiina.
japan.seiyu.k-marikoLet's Talk about KOUDA Mariko !
japan.sf.miscTopics on Spectacle Fiction.
japan.sf.perry-rohdanTopics on Perry Rohdan series.
japan.sf.phil-k-dickTalking about Philip-K-Dick.
japan.sf.tsutsuiTalking about Yasutaka Tsutsui.
japan.sf.william-gibsonTalking about William Gibson.
japan.shousetsu.jidaiTopics on history or histrical notes.
japan.shousetsu.jisakuExpressing novels and stories of one's writing.
japan.shousetsu.jisaku.dTalking about pleasure to make novels and stories.
japan.shousetsu.suiriTopics on mistery story.
japan.sigoto.dTopics on getting a jobs.
japan.sigoto.kyu-jinFor a situration vacant ad.
japan.sigoto.kyu-syokuFor a looking for a jobs.
japan.sigoto.welfareTopics on job environment and welfare.
japan.soc.auditDiscussion for the system of the accounting audit in Japan and the CPAs.
japan.soc.aumAbout Aum.
japan.soc.crimeTopics about criminal act.
japan.soc.crime.internetTopics about criminal act on the Internet.
japan.soc.cultAbout Cult.
japan.soc.denjihaAbout effects to human by electromagnetic wave.
japan.soc.inner-childTopics about inner-children.
japan.soc.kaikyoTopics on Kaikyo(meaning islamic religions in Japanese).
japan.soc.qualificationsTopics on qualifications.
japan.soc.transgenderTopics on transgendered.
japan.soramimiDelightful talking that was owing to mishearing.
japan.soramimi.dFor any discussion of articles on the japan.soramimi.
japan.sports.baseballAbout baseball. Yokohama-Baystars. Orix-bluewave. Kintetsu-Buffaloes. Hiroshima-Toyo-Carp. on Chunichi-Dragons. Nipponham-fighters. Tokyo Yomiuri Giants. Fukuoka-Daiei-Hawks. Seibu-Lions. CHiba-Lotte-Marines. Yakult-Swallows. Hanshin-Tigers.
japan.sports.bicyclesTopics on cycle-sports.
japan.sports.bowlingAbout bowlling. about American-Football., discussion and information of association football.
japan.sports.golfTalk about golf.
japan.sports.inline-skateTalking about inline-skate.
japan.sports.jobaTalk about horseback-riding.
japan.sports.kuruma.kansenTopics on Auto sportes.
japan.sports.marineInformation and discussion about marine sports
japan.sports.prowrestlingAbout prowrestling.
japan.sports.scubadivingTalking about Scuba Diving.
japan.sports.skiTopics on Skiing.
japan.sports.skyLet's talk about skysports.
japan.sports.snowboardLet's talk about snowboarding (Japanese Language Only).
japan.startrekTopics on Startrek.
japan.sukisuki.furihira-clothesTalk about furifuri-hirahira clothes.
japan.sukisuki.meganekkoTalking about girls who put on spectacles.
japan.sukisuki.nuigurumiChat on stuffed toys.
japan.sukisuki.pony-tailLet's talk about Pony-Tail.
japan.sukisuki.seifukuExpressing one's love to uniforms and people wearing them.
japan.sukisuki.short-cutTalk about short hair.
japan.sukisuki.yurikkoTalk about fictional 'Yuri'.
japan.sumoTalk about SUMO. group for those affected by anxiety and panic.
japan.testTesting all over japan. Very boring.
japan.ticketsTalking about tickets.
japan.tmp.announceAnnouncement for japan.tmp.*.
japan.tmp.disaster.miyakejimaTalking about disaster of miyakejima.
japan.tmp.disaster.tottori-westTalking about disaster of tottori-west.
japan.tmp.usageThinking anout usage of japan.tmp.*.
japan.tokusatsutalk about SFX, "tokusatsu"(Japanese SFX) in particular.
japan.townLet's talk about home town.'s talk about Akihabara(Tokyo). about local topics on hanshin area. about local topics on Kobe area. about Local topics on Kyoto area.'s talking about Nagoya and neighborhood. about local topics on Nara area.'s talk about NYC(New York City).'s talk about Oosu(Nagoya). about Local topics on Osaka area.'s talk about Nipponbashi(Oosaka). about Local topics on Sapporo area. about Local topics on Shinjuku area.'s talk about Yokohama. on going abroad. on going domestic.
japan.trendsTopics on trends.
japan.tvTalking about Televison. on other special channels on movie TV channels on music TV channels on news TV channels on sports TV channels on televison CM. on televison dramas. about local-TV program and local broadcast. about midnight TV programs. on satellite television. on Sat TV without domestic services on a TV program "Tantei Knight Scoop". and informations of video equpments. and informations of video software.
japan.videogamesAbout video games.
japan.videogames.datsui-mahjongAbout strip mahjong games.
japan.videogames.diabloTopics on a multi-player role playing game "Diablo".
japan.videogames.finalfantasyLet's play Final Fantasy.
japan.videogames.galsLets's talk about girl motif video games.
japan.videogames.hLet's talk about erotic videogames. on videogames on IBM-PC and clones.
japan.videogames.key"Key" related talks. ("Key" is a game brand of Visual Arts Co.,ltd.)
japan.videogames.kusogeThinking about what we call "KUSOGE".
japan.videogames.leaf"Leaf" related talks. ("Leaf" is a game brand of AQUAPLUS Inc.)
japan.videogames.nintendoTalk about all Nintendo video game systems and software.
japan.videogames.pc-fxTalking about PC-FX.
japan.videogames.playstationTopics on Sony PlayStation.
japan.videogames.saturnSaturn and Saturn software.
japan.videogames.trainTopics about train videogames.
japan.videogames.ultimaonlineTalks About Ultima Online.
japan.videogames.win95Topics on games for the Windows95.
japan.www.browserTopics on Web browser.
japan.www.browser.lynxAbout text WWW browser lynx.
japan.www.browser.mozillaAbout Netscape Communication Web browser.
japan.www.browser.msieTopics on Microsoft Internet Explorer.
japan.www.cssTopics on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
japan.www.designTopics on homepage design, how to make et al. link to the favorite WWW pages.
japan.www.proxy.squidAbout proxy server Squid Cache.
japan.www.server.apacheTopics on WWW server apache.
japan.www.server.cernAbout CERN WWW (proxy) server. on Microsoft Internet Information Server.
japan.yosoFor thread, there is no newsgroup fit in.
japan.zangeConfession or repentance of one's life.