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comp.admin.policyDiscussions of site administration policies.
comp.aiArtificial Intelligence. (Moderated) about artificial life. document understanding technologies. research, algorithms and software. of Artificial Intelligence to Education. set theory, aka fuzzy logic. intelligence in games and game-playing. algorithms in computing. language processing by computers. aspects of neural networks. aspects of Artificial Intelligence. systems and other artificial intelligence shells. Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated)
comp.answersRepository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
comp.apps.spreadsheetsSpreadsheets on various platforms.
comp.archComputer architecture.
comp.arch.arithmeticImplementing arithmetic on computers/digital systems.
comp.arch.embeddedEmbedded computer systems topics.
comp.arch.fpgaField Programmable Gate Array based computing systems.
comp.arch.hobbyistHomebrew digital electronics design. (Moderated)
comp.arch.storageStorage system issues, both hardware and software.
comp.archives.adminIssues relating to computer archive administration. Microsoft Windows archives.
comp.bbs.majorbbsSupport & discussion of The Major BBS from Galacticomm.
comp.bbs.miscAll aspects of computer bulletin board systems.
comp.bbs.waffleThe Waffle BBS and USENET system on all platforms.
comp.benchmarksDiscussion of benchmarking techniques and results.
comp.binaries.cbmFor the transfer of 8bit Commodore binaries. (Moderated)
comp.bugs.miscGeneral UNIX bug reports and fixes (incl V7, uucp).
comp.cad.autocadAutoDesk's AutoCAD software.
comp.cad.cadenceUsers of Cadence Design Systems products.
comp.cad.compassCompass Design Automation EDA tools.
comp.cad.i-deasSDRC I-DEAS Masters Series software.
comp.cad.microstationMicroStation CAD software and related products.
comp.cad.microstation.programmerDeveloping software in Microstation CAD. Technology's Pro/Engineer design package.
comp.cad.solidworksSolidWorks newsgroup.
comp.cad.synthesisResearch and production in the field of logic synthesis.
comp.client-serverTopics relating to client/server technology.
comp.cog-engCognitive engineering.
comp.compilersCompiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated)
comp.compilers.lccThe lcc C Compiler and related topics. Java Compiler Compiler and related topics.
comp.compressionData compression algorithms and theory.
comp.compression.researchDiscussions about data compression research. (Moderated)
comp.constraintsConstraint processing and related topics. data as a corporate asset: stds & methds.
comp.databasesDatabase and data management issues and theory.
comp.databases.adabasADABAS Database topics in general.
comp.databases.berkeley-dbThe Berkeley DB libraries.
comp.databases.btrievePervasive Software client/server development.
comp.databases.filemakerTechnical discussions about FileMaker.
comp.databases.guptaGupta SQLWindows client-server development. resolution with DB2 database products.
comp.databases.informixInformix database management software discussions.
comp.databases.ingresIssues relating to INGRES products. Windows' relational database system, Access.'s SQL Server and related products.
comp.databases.mysqlMySQL RDBMS technical discussions.
comp.databases.objectObject-oriented paradigms in database systems.
comp.databases.olapAnalytical Processing, Multidimensional DBMS, EIS, DSS. jobs, etc. related topics. database administration/server topics. software tools/applications.
comp.databases.paradoxBorland's database for DOS & MS Windows.
comp.databases.pickPick-like, post-relational, database systems.
comp.databases.postgresqlPGSQL Relational Database Management System.
comp.databases.progressThe Progress 4GL & RDBMS.
comp.databases.rdbThe relational database engine RDB from DEC.
comp.databases.sybaseImplementations of the SQL Server.
comp.databases.theoryDiscussing advances in database technology.
comp.databases.visual-dbaseDatabase discussions using Visual dBASE.
comp.databases.xbase.codebaseCodeBase and its related products.
comp.databases.xbase.foxFox Software's xBase system and compatibles.
comp.databases.xbase.miscDiscussion of xBase (dBASE-like) products.
comp.dcom.cablingCabling selection, installation and use.
comp.dcom.cell-relayForum for discussion of Cell Relay-based products.
comp.dcom.faxFax hardware, software, and protocols.
comp.dcom.isdn.capiCAPI - the Common ISDN Application Interface.
comp.dcom.lans.ethernetDiscussions of the Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 protocols.
comp.dcom.lans.miscLocal area network hardware and software.
comp.dcom.modemsData communications hardware and software.
comp.dcom.modems.cableCable modems and internet access via cable tv. Testing and Analysis Procedures and Results. management methods and applications.
comp.dcom.sdh-sonetDiscuss the SDH and SONET technology.
comp.dcom.sys.ciscoInfo on Cisco routers and bridges.
comp.dcom.sys.nortelNortel telecommunications products and systems.
comp.dcom.telecomTelecommunications digest. (Moderated)
comp.dcom.telecom.techDiscussion of technical aspects of telephony.
comp.dcom.videoconfVideo conference technology and applications.
comp.dcom.voice-over-ipVoice Over IP technology.
comp.dcom.vpnVirtual Private Network Technology.
comp.dcom.wanAll topics concerned with wide area networking.
comp.dcom.xdslDiscussion area for different DSL technologies.
comp.distributedDistributed Resource Sharing and Applications.
comp.doc.managementDocument Management technologies.
comp.doc.techreportsLists of technical reports. (Moderated)
comp.dspDigital Signal Processing using computers.
comp.editorsTopics related to computerized text editing.
comp.eduComputer science education. assisted languages instruction issues.
comp.emacsEMACS editors of different flavors.
comp.emacs.xemacsBug reports, questions and answers about XEmacs.
comp.emulators.apple2Emulators of Apple // systems.
comp.emulators.cbmEmulators of C-64, C-128, PET, and VIC-20 systems. of game console systems.
comp.emulators.miscEmulators of miscellaneous computer systems. free MS-Windows emulator under X.
comp.file-sharing.bittorrentDistributed file sharing on Bittorrent protocol.
comp.fontsTypefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc. gameplay and rules systems. news, project management, jobs. algorithms for games. info on programming games. used in producing computer graphics. aspects of computer animation. Programmer Interface issues, methods. OpenGL 3D application programming interface. graphics software from Alias Research. modeling, animation and raytracing package. graphics software applications. GNU Image Manipulation Program. gnuplot interactive function plotter.'s Lightwave3D & related topics., answers, tips and suggestions. Shop Pro in general. Photoshop techniques & help. graphics software products. graphics miscellany.'s 3D Studio software. comparisons, approaches, methods. software, tools and methods. interface & shading language. on scientific visualization.
comp.groupwareSoftware & hardware for shared interactive environments.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.adminLotus Notes system administration.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.appsApplication software for Lotus Notes.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.miscLotus Notes related discussions.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.programmerProgramming for Lotus Notes.
comp.home.automationHome automation devices, setup, sources, etc.
comp.human-factorsIssues related to human-computer interaction (HCI).
comp.infosystemsAny discussion about information systems.
comp.infosystems.gisAll aspects of Geographic Information Systems.
comp.infosystems.gopherDiscussion of the Gopher information service.
comp.infosystems.hypergThe Hyper-G network hypermedia system and applications.
comp.infosystems.kiosksInformational and transactional kiosks. (Moderated)
comp.infosystems.searchAll aspects of search technology.
comp.infosystems.waisThe Z39.50-based WAIS full-text search system.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.htmlWriting HTML for the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.imagesUsing images, imagemaps on the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.miscMiscellaneous Web authoring issues. site design philosophy.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheetsLayout/presentation on the WWW.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.toolsPrograms to help authoring Websites.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.macWeb browsers for the Macintosh platform.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.miscWeb browsers for other platforms. browsers for MS Windows.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.xWeb browsers for the X-Window system.
comp.infosystems.www.miscMiscellaneous World Wide Web discussion.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.miscWeb servers for other platforms. servers for MS Windows and NT.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.unixWeb servers for UNIX platforms.
comp.internet.libraryDiscussing electronic libraries. (Moderated) blogging service and software., Gmail, Groups, Maps, Picasa, etc. video for the masses., such as Wikipedia.
comp.lang.adaDiscussion about Ada*.
comp.lang.aplDiscussion about APL.
comp.lang.asm.x86Bulletin Board and Q&A for x86 assembly language topics. (Moderated)
comp.lang.asm370Programming in IBM System/370 Assembly Language.
comp.lang.awkThe AWK programming language.
comp.lang.basic.miscOther dialects and aspects of BASIC.
comp.lang.basic.powerbasicPowerBasic Inc. programming languages.
comp.lang.basic.realbasicREALBasic programming discussion.
comp.lang.basic.visual.databaseDatabase aspects of Visual Basic.
comp.lang.basic.visual.miscVisual Basic in general.
comp.lang.betaThe object-oriented programming language BETA.
comp.lang.cDiscussion about C.
comp.lang.c++The object-oriented C++ language.
comp.lang.c++.ledaAll aspects of the LEDA library.
comp.lang.c++.miscDevelopment in C++, libraries, cross and single targets
comp.lang.c++.moderatedTechnical discussion of the C++ language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.c.moderatedThe C programming language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.clarionTechnical discussion of Clarion programming.
comp.lang.clipperClipper and Visual Objects programming languages.
comp.lang.clipper.visual-objectsCA-Visual Objects developer system.
comp.lang.closCommon Lisp Object System discussions.
comp.lang.cobolThe COBOL language and software.
comp.lang.dylanFor discussion of the Dylan language.
comp.lang.eiffelThe object-oriented Eiffel language.
comp.lang.forthDiscussion about Forth.
comp.lang.forth.macThe CSI MacForth programming environment.
comp.lang.fortranDiscussion about FORTRAN.
comp.lang.functionalDiscussion about functional languages.
comp.lang.haskellPolymorphically-typed lazy purely-functional programming.
comp.lang.hermesThe Hermes language for distributed applications.
comp.lang.iconTopics related to the ICON programming language.
comp.lang.idlIDL (Interface Description Language) related topics.
comp.lang.idl-pvwaveIDL and PV-Wave language discussions. Graphics API's for the Java language. for and criticism of the Java System. software components (JavaBeans). relating to Java and CORBA., java.sql, JDBC, ODBC. toolkits and windowing: AWT, IFC etc. problems, catch-all first aid., native methods, hardware. in the Java language. issues raised by Java., browsers, compilers, other tools.
comp.lang.javascriptNetscape Communications Corp.'s JavaScript language.
comp.lang.labviewLabview Software Discussion Group.
comp.lang.lispDiscussion about LISP.
comp.lang.logoThe Logo teaching and learning language.
comp.lang.miscDifferent computer languages not specifically listed.
comp.lang.mlML languages including Standard ML, CAML, Lazy ML, etc. (Moderated)
comp.lang.modula2Discussion about Modula-2.
comp.lang.modula3Discussion about the Modula-3 language.
comp.lang.mumpsThe M (MUMPS) language & technology, in general.
comp.lang.oberonThe Oberon language and system.
comp.lang.objective-cThe Objective-C language and environment.
comp.lang.pascal.ansi-isoPascal according to ANSI and ISO standards.
comp.lang.pascal.borlandBorland's Pascal.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.miscGeneral component issues.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.databasesDatabase aspects of Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.miscGeneral issues with Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.macMacintosh based Pascals.
comp.lang.pascal.miscPascal in general and ungrouped Pascals.
comp.lang.perl.announceAnnouncements about Perl. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.miscThe Perl language in general.
comp.lang.perl.moderatedPerl language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.modulesUse and development of Perl modules.
comp.lang.perl.tkUsing Tk (and X) from Perl.
comp.lang.phpPHP, server side scripting.
comp.lang.pl1PL/I language discussions.
comp.lang.popPop11 and the Plug user group.
comp.lang.postscriptThe PostScript Page Description Language.
comp.lang.prologDiscussion about PROLOG.
comp.lang.pythonThe Python computer language.
comp.lang.python.announceAnnouncements about the Python language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.rexxThe REXX command language.
comp.lang.rubyThe Ruby dynamic OO programming language.
comp.lang.schemeThe Scheme Programming language.
comp.lang.scheme.scshSCSH - the Scheme Shell.
comp.lang.smalltalkDiscussion about Smalltalk 80.
comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacyDiscussion of Smalltalk Language pros/cons.
comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphinThe Dolphin variant of the Smalltalk language.
comp.lang.tclThe Tcl programming language and related tools.
comp.lang.verilogDiscussing Verilog and PLI.
comp.lang.vhdlVHSIC Hardware Description Language, IEEE 1076/87.
comp.lang.vrmlVirtual Reality Modeling Language discussion.
comp.lang.xharbourxHarbour programming, Clipper, and xBase.
comp.lsiLarge scale integrated circuits.
comp.lsi.testingTesting of electronic circuits.
comp.mail.elmDiscussion and fixes for the ELM mail system.
comp.mail.eudora.macEudora email software for Macintosh. email software for MS Windows.
comp.mail.headersGatewayed from the Internet header-people list.
comp.mail.imapDiscussion of IMAP-based mail systems.
comp.mail.list-admin.softwareSoftware used in the running of mailing lists.
comp.mail.mhThe UCI version of the Rand Message Handling system.
comp.mail.mimeMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions of RFC 1341.
comp.mail.miscGeneral discussions about computer mail.
comp.mail.muttThe Mutt E-Mail Client.
comp.mail.pegasus-mail.miscPegasus Mail for DOS and Macs, and Mercury Mail. of Pegasus Mail for Windows.
comp.mail.pineThe PINE mail user agent.
comp.mail.sendmailConfiguring and using the BSD sendmail agent.
comp.mail.uucpMail in the uucp network environment.
comp.miscGeneral topics about computers not covered elsewhere. Android devices / OS. tablet PC running iPhone OS.
comp.multimediaInteractive multimedia technologies of all kinds. as components in MIDI music systems. use of computers in music. use of Computers in Music Research and Composition. (Moderated)
comp.newprodAnnouncements of new products of interest. (Moderated)
comp.objectObject-oriented programming and languages.
comp.object.corbaOMG CORBA standard.
comp.object.logicIntegrating object-oriented and logic programming. about the Association for Computing Machinery. Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail. (Moderated) and announcements about the IEEE & its members. of Lisp Users related discussions. Association activities. Association events and announcements. lodging during Usenix conferences. for user group meetings and events. group discussions in general.
comp.os.aosTopics related to Data General's AOS/VS.
comp.os.coherentDiscussion and support of the Coherent operating system.
comp.os.cpmDiscussion about the CP/M operating system.
comp.os.geos.miscGEOS O/S by Geoworks in general.
comp.os.geos.programmerGEOS O/S Programming in general.
comp.os.linux.advocacyBenefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.
comp.os.linux.alphaLinux on Digital Alpha machines.
comp.os.linux.announceAnnouncements important to the Linux community. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.development.appsWriting Linux applications, porting to Linux.
comp.os.linux.development.systemLinux kernels, device drivers, modules.
comp.os.linux.embeddedLinux operating system on embedded hardware.
comp.os.linux.hardwareHardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
comp.os.linux.m68kLinux operating system on 680x0 Amiga, Atari, VME.
comp.os.linux.miscLinux-specific topics not covered by other groups.
comp.os.linux.networkingNetworking and communications under Linux.
comp.os.linux.portableLinux OS on portable PCs.
comp.os.linux.powerpcLinux systems running on PowerPC microprocessors.
comp.os.linux.securitySecurity and the GNU/Linux Operating System.
comp.os.linux.setupLinux installation and system administration.
comp.os.linux.xLinux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts.
comp.os.linux.xboxLinux on Xbox.
comp.os.lynxDiscussion of LynxOS and Lynx Real-Time Systems.
comp.os.machThe MACH OS from CMU & other places.
comp.os.magic-capEverything about General Magic's Magic Cap OS.
comp.os.minixDiscussion of Tanenbaum's MINIX system.
comp.os.miscGeneral OS-oriented discussion not carried elsewhere. and debate about Microsoft Windows. financial & tax software. applications. programs for Win95. Winsock applications. word-processing applications. Windows CE operating system. discussions about Windows issues. and other networks. and TCP/IP networking. to Novell, TCP/IP, other nets.' built-in networking. NT system administration. NT network administration. NT Security topics. discussion about Windows NT. NT software setup. NT BackOffice. NT software compatibility. NT system services software., dialogs and VBXs., graphics and printing. management issues. Microsoft Windows. programming. NT driver development., COM and DDE programming. development for Windows. Development tools. programming. VxD and driver development. Windows programming interfaces. adapters and drivers for Windows. Topics about Windows 95.
comp.os.msdos.4dosThe 4DOS command processor for MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.appsDiscussion of applications that run under MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.desqviewQuarterDeck's Desqview and related products.
comp.os.msdos.djgppDOS GNU C/C++ applications and programming environment.
comp.os.msdos.miscMiscellaneous topics about MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmerProgramming MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovisionBorland's text application libraries.
comp.os.netware.connectivityConnectivity products (TCP/IP, SAA, NFS, MAC).
comp.os.netware.miscGeneral Netware topics.
comp.os.os2.advocacySupporting and flaming OS/2.
comp.os.os2.announceNotable news and announcements related to OS/2. (Moderated)
comp.os.os2.appsDiscussions of applications under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.betaAll aspects of beta releases of OS/2 systems software.
comp.os.os2.bugsOS/2 system bug reports, fixes and work-arounds.
comp.os.os2.ecomstationSerenity Systems operating system eComStation.
comp.os.os2.gamesRunning games under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.mail-newsMail and news apps/utils (on- & offline) under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.marketplaceForsale/wanted; shopping; commercial ads; job postings.
comp.os.os2.miscMiscellaneous topics about the OS/2 system.
comp.os.os2.multimediaMulti-media on OS/2 systems.
comp.os.os2.networking.miscMiscellaneous networking issues of OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.serverAdministration of NetWare, Warp Server, etc.
comp.os.os2.networking.tcp-ipTCP/IP under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.wwwWorld Wide Web (WWW) apps/utils under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.programmer.miscProgramming OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os2.programmer.portingPorting software to OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os2.programmer.toolsCompilers, assemblers, interpreters under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.setup.miscInstalling/configuring OS/2; misc. hardware/drivers.
comp.os.os2.setup.storageDisk/Tape/CD-ROM hardware/drivers under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.setup.videoBase video hardware/drivers under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.utilitiesGeneral purpose utils (shells/backup/compression/etc).
comp.os.os9Microware's OS-9 real-time operating system.
comp.os.plan9Plan 9 from Bell Labs. (Moderated)
comp.os.psosThe realtime operating system pSOS+.
comp.os.qnxUsing and developing under the QNX operating system.
comp.os.rstsTopics related to the PDP-11 RSTS/E operating system.
comp.os.vmsDEC's VAX* line of computers & VMS.
comp.os.vxworksThe VxWorks real-time operating system.
comp.parallelMassively parallel hardware/software. (Moderated)
comp.parallel.mpiMessage Passing Interface (MPI).
comp.parallel.pvmThe PVM system of multi-computer parallelization.
comp.periphsPeripheral devices.
comp.periphs.printersInformation on printers.
comp.periphs.scannersTechnical discussion of scanners and imaging devices.
comp.periphs.scsiDiscussion of SCSI-based peripheral devices.
comp.programmingProgramming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
comp.programming.contestsAnnouncements & results of programming contests.
comp.programming.literateLiterate programming and LP tools. (Moderated)
comp.programming.threadsAll issues about multithreaded programming.
comp.protocols.dicomDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
comp.protocols.dns.bindBerkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). (Moderated)
comp.protocols.kerberosThe Kerberos authentication server.
comp.protocols.kermit.miscKermit protocol and software.
comp.protocols.miscVarious forms and types of protocol.
comp.protocols.nfsDiscussion about the Network File System protocol.
comp.protocols.pppDiscussion of the Internet Point to Point Protocol.
comp.protocols.smbSMB file sharing protocol and Samba SMB server/client.
comp.protocols.snmpThe Simple Network Management Protocol.
comp.protocols.tcp-ipTCP and IP network protocols.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domainsTopics related to Domain Style names.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpcTCP/IP for IBM(-like) personal computers.
comp.protocols.time.ntpThe network time protocol.
comp.publish.cdrom.hardwareHardware used in publishing with CD-ROM.
comp.publish.cdrom.softwareSoftware used in publishing with CD-ROM.
comp.publish.electronic.miscGeneral electronic publishing issues.
comp.publish.prepressElectronic prepress.
comp.realtimeIssues related to real-time computing.
comp.risksRisks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated)
comp.robotics.miscAll aspects of robots and their applications.
comp.robotics.researchAcademic, government & industry research in robotics. (Moderated) pertaining to network firewall security. issues of computers and networks. and its implications. of PGP, bug reports and help. signing, encryption and decryption using PGP. secure remote login and tunneling tools. of Unix security.
comp.simulationSimulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated)
comp.society.futuresEvents in technology affecting future computing.
comp.soft-sys.aceACE programming, porting, and systems. of Forte development software. Client/Server App Development. forum on SAP software.
comp.soft-sys.dceThe Distributed Computing Environment (DCE).
comp.soft-sys.gis.esriESRI GIS software and system implementation.
comp.soft-sys.math.mapleMaple computer mathematics discussion group.
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematicaMathematica discussion group. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.math.scilabScientific software package Scilab.
comp.soft-sys.matlabThe MathWorks calculation and visualization package.
comp.soft-sys.octaveGNU Octave, language for numerical computations.
comp.soft-sys.powerbuilderApplication development tools from PowerSoft.
comp.soft-sys.ptolemyThe Ptolemy simulation/code generation environment.
comp.soft-sys.sasThe SAS statistics package.
comp.soft-sys.stat.spssThe statistical program package SPSS.
comp.soft-sys.wxwindowsDiscussions related to wxWindows framework. Engineering and related topics. script software. (Moderated) management, tools and procedures. Programming discussions., using, & writing non-English software. licensing technology. of software metrics., organizational and other software patterns. announcements. (Moderated) of shareware. (Moderated) aspects of testing computer systems. 2000 compliance: projects and issues.
comp.sources.bugsBug reports, fixes, discussion for posted sources.
comp.sources.dFor any discussion of source postings.
comp.sources.gamesPostings of recreational software. (Moderated)
comp.sources.testersFinding people to test software.
comp.sources.wantedRequests for software and fixes.
comp.specification.miscFormal specification methods in general.
comp.specification.zDiscussion about the formal specification notation Z.
comp.speech.researchSpeech technology research issues.
comp.speech.usersIssues related with using current speech technology.
comp.std.announceAnnouncements about standards activities. (Moderated)
comp.std.cDiscussion about C language standards.
comp.std.c++Discussion about C++ language, library, standards. (Moderated)
comp.std.miscDiscussion about various standards.
comp.sw.componentsSoftware components and related technology.
comp.sys.3b1Discussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
comp.sys.acorn.advocacyWhy Acorn computers and programs are better.
comp.sys.acorn.announceAnnouncements for Acorn and ARM users. (Moderated)
comp.sys.acorn.appsAcorn software applications.
comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpuExtra CPUs in Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.gamesDiscussion of games for Acorn machines.
comp.sys.acorn.hardwareAcorn hardware.
comp.sys.acorn.miscAcorn computing in general.
comp.sys.acorn.networkingNetworking of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.programmerProgramming of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.amiga.advocacyWhy an Amiga is better than XYZ.
comp.sys.amiga.announceAnnouncements about the Amiga. (Moderated)
comp.sys.amiga.applicationsMiscellaneous applications.
comp.sys.amiga.audioMusic, MIDI, speech synthesis, other sounds.
comp.sys.amiga.cd32Technical and computing talk for Commodore Amiga CD32.
comp.sys.amiga.emulationsVarious hardware & software emulators.
comp.sys.amiga.gamesDiscussion of games for the Commodore Amiga.
comp.sys.amiga.graphicsCharts, graphs, pictures, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.hardwareAmiga computer hardware, Q&A, reviews, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.introductionGroup for newcomers to Amigas.
comp.sys.amiga.marketplaceWhere to find it, prices, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.miscDiscussions not falling in another Amiga group.
comp.sys.amiga.morphosAll about Amiga-compatible MorphOS.
comp.sys.amiga.programmerDevelopers & hobbyists discuss code.
comp.sys.amstrad.8bitAmstrad CPC/PcW/GX4000 software/hardware.
comp.sys.apolloApollo computer systems.
comp.sys.apple2Discussion about Apple II micros.
comp.sys.apple2.marketplaceBuying, selling and trading Apple II equipment.
comp.sys.apple2.programmerProgramming on the Apple II.
comp.sys.apple2.usergroupsAll about Apple II user groups.
comp.sys.armThe ARM processor architecture and support chips.
comp.sys.atari.8bitDiscussion about 8 bit Atari micros.
comp.sys.atari.advocacyAttacking and defending Atari computers.
comp.sys.atari.announceAtari related hard/software announcements. (Moderated)
comp.sys.atari.programmerProgramming on the Atari computer.
comp.sys.atari.stDiscussion about 16 bit Atari micros. discussions of Atari ST hard/software.
comp.sys.attDiscussions about AT&T microcomputers. getting your Be{Box,OS} working. BeOS/BeBox related topics.
comp.sys.cbmDiscussion about Commodore micros.
comp.sys.cdcControl Data Corporation Computers (e.g., Cybers).
comp.sys.decDiscussions about DEC computer systems.
comp.sys.dec.microDEC Micros (Rainbow, Professional 350/380).
comp.sys.encoreEncore's MultiMax computers.
comp.sys.handheldsHandheld computers and programmable calculators.
comp.sys.hp.appsDiscussion of software and apps on all HP platforms.
comp.sys.hp.hardwareDiscussion of Hewlett Packard system hardware.
comp.sys.hp.hpuxIssues pertaining to HP-UX & 9000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp.miscIssues not covered in any other comp.sys.hp.* group.
comp.sys.hp.mpeIssues pertaining to MPE & 3000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp48Hewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators. AS/400 miscellaneous topics. "classic" IBM PC and compatibles of the 1980s. programs which showcase programmer skill. games on PCs. (non-rpg) games on PCs. for all PC gamers. (Moderated) simulators on PCs. not covered by other PC groups. computer games devoted to naval warfare. games on the PC. space flight simulation games. of sports games for the IBM PC. games on PCs. based on historical conflicts. drives and interfaces for the PC., cache, memory chips, etc. & communication cards for the PC. PC hardware topics. hardware & equipment for the PC. drives & other PC storage devices. IBM PC computer & clone systems. cards & monitors for the PC. about IBM personal computers. related to IBM's RT computer. about using soundcards with games. in general. and sound questions using soundcards. questions about pc soundcards. hardware, any vendor. System/34, System/36, System/38 diverse topics.
comp.sys.intelDiscussions about Intel systems and parts.
comp.sys.laptopsLaptop (portable) computers.
comp.sys.laptops.thinkpadIBM/Lenovo line of laptop computers.
comp.sys.m6809Discussion about 6809's.
comp.sys.m68kDiscussion about 68k's.
comp.sys.m88kDiscussion about 88k-based computers.
comp.sys.mac.advocacyThe Macintosh computer family compared to others.
comp.sys.mac.appsDiscussions of Macintosh applications.
comp.sys.mac.commDiscussion of Macintosh communications.
comp.sys.mac.databasesDatabase systems for the Apple Macintosh. games for the Macintosh. simulator gameplay on the Mac. games for sale and trade. games not covered in other groups. games on the Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.graphicsMacintosh graphics: paint, draw, 3D, CAD, animation.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.miscGeneral Mac hardware topics not already covered.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.storageAll forms of Mac storage hardware and media.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.videoVideo input and output hardware on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.hypercardThe Macintosh Hypercard: info & uses.
comp.sys.mac.miscGeneral discussions about the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.oop.miscObject oriented programming issues on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.portablesDiscussion particular to laptop Macintoshes.
comp.sys.mac.printingAll about printing hardware and software on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.helpHelp with Macintosh programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.miscOther issues of Macintosh programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.toolsMacintosh programming tools.
comp.sys.mac.scitechUsing the Macintosh in scientific & technological work.
comp.sys.mac.systemDiscussions of Macintosh system software.
comp.sys.mac.vintageUnsupported Macintosh hardware and software.
comp.sys.mac.wantedPostings of "I want XYZ for my Mac."
comp.sys.mentorMentor Graphics products & the Silicon Compiler System.
comp.sys.mipsSystems based on MIPS chips.
comp.sys.miscDiscussion about computers of all kinds.
comp.sys.msxThe MSX home computer system.
comp.sys.ncrDiscussion about NCR computers. Computers and related topics.
comp.sys.newton.marketplaceNewton-specific forsale, wanted & jobs.
comp.sys.newton.miscMiscellaneous discussion about Newton systems.
comp.sys.newton.programmerDiscussion of Newton software development. the physical aspects of NeXT computers. hardware, software and jobs. discussion about the NeXT computer system. related programming issues., use and availability of NeXT programs. related to NeXT system administration.
comp.sys.northstarNorthstar microcomputer users.
comp.sys.oricOric computers (Oric1, Atmos, Telestrat, et cetera).
comp.sys.palmtopsSuper-powered calculators in the palm of your hand.
comp.sys.palmtops.pilotThe Pilot handheld computer.
comp.sys.penInteracting with computers through pen gestures.
comp.sys.powerpc.advocacyWhy the PowerPC is Good/Evil (delete one).
comp.sys.powerpc.miscMiscellaneous questions about PowerPC processors.
comp.sys.powerpc.techProgramming and architecture of PowerPC processors.
comp.sys.primePrime Computer products.
comp.sys.psion.appsDiscussion about Psion specific programs.
comp.sys.psion.miscDiscussion about miscellaneous Psion related topics.
comp.sys.psion.programmerDiscussion about Psion programming.
comp.sys.pyramidPyramid 90x computers.
comp.sys.raspberry-piRaspberry Pi computers & related hardware and software.
comp.sys.sgi.adminSystem administration on Silicon Graphics's Irises.
comp.sys.sgi.appsApplications which run on the Iris.
comp.sys.sgi.bugsBugs found in the IRIX operating system.
comp.sys.sgi.hardwareBase systems and peripherals for Iris computers.
comp.sys.sgi.marketplaceSGI-specific for sale, wanted and jobs.
comp.sys.sgi.miscGeneral discussion about Silicon Graphics's machines.
comp.sys.sinclairSinclair computers, eg. the ZX81, Spectrum and QL.
comp.sys.stratusStratus products, incl. System/88, CPS-32, VOS and FTX.
comp.sys.sun.adminSun system administration issues and questions.
comp.sys.sun.announceSun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sun.appsSoftware applications for Sun computer systems.
comp.sys.sun.hardwareSun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.sun.miscMiscellaneous discussions about Sun products.
comp.sys.sun.wantedPeople looking for Sun products and support.
comp.sys.tandemTandem computers and related environments.
comp.sys.tandyDiscussion about Tandy computers: new & old.
comp.sys.tiDiscussion about Texas Instruments.
comp.sys.transputerThe Transputer computer and OCCAM language.
comp.sys.unisysSperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems.
comp.sys.wearablesWearable computers and their applications. (Moderated)
comp.sys.xeroxXerox 1100 workstations and protocols.
comp.sys.zenith.z100Heath & Zenith computers, Z-100 series and others.
comp.terminalsAll sorts of terminals.
comp.textText processing issues and methods.
comp.text.frameDesktop publishing with FrameMaker.
comp.text.interleafApplications and use of Interleaf software.
comp.text.pdfAdobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format technology.
comp.text.sgmlISO 8879 SGML, structured documents, markup languages.
comp.text.texDiscussion about the TeX and LaTeX systems & macros.
comp.text.xmlThe Extensible Markup Language (XML).
comp.theoryTheoretical Computer Science.
comp.theory.cell-automataDiscussion of all aspects of cellular automata.
comp.unix.adminAdministering a Unix-based system.
comp.unix.aixIBM's version of UNIX.
comp.unix.amigaMinix, SYSV4 and other *nix on an Amiga.
comp.unix.auxThe version of UNIX for Apple Macintosh II computers.
comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc386BSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.bsdi.miscBSD/OS operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announceAnnouncements pertaining to FreeBSD. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.miscFreeBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.miscBSD operating systems.
comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.miscNetBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.announceOpenBSD announcements. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.miscThe OpenBSD operating system.
comp.unix.crayCray computers and their operating systems.
comp.unix.dos-under-unixMS-DOS running under UNIX by whatever means.
comp.unix.internalsDiscussions on hacking UNIX internals.
comp.unix.miscVarious topics that don't fit other groups.
comp.unix.programmerQ&A for people programming under Unix.
comp.unix.questionsUNIX neophytes group.
comp.unix.sco.miscSCO Unix, Systems, and Environments.
comp.unix.sco.programmerProgramming in and for SCO Environments.
comp.unix.shellUsing and programming the Unix shell.
comp.unix.solarisDiscussions about the Solaris operating system.
comp.unix.sys5.miscVersions of System V which predate Release 3.
comp.unix.sys5.r4Discussing System V Release 4.
comp.unix.tru64Running, owning and administering Tru64 UNIX.
comp.unix.ultrixDiscussions about DEC's Ultrix.
comp.unix.unixware.miscProducts of Novell's Unix Systems Group.
comp.unix.user-friendlyDiscussion of UNIX user-friendliness.
comp.unix.xenix.miscGeneral discussions regarding XENIX (except SCO). issues about windowing systems. and augmenting the UIM/X UI Builder. about the X Window System. and using, not programming, applications for X. of the X toolkit. K Desktop Environment. Motif GUI for the X Window System.