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26704 Newsgroups in 536 Hierarchies
01alt(2 groups)
12hr(3 groups)
24hoursupportunknown(1 groups)
3comcompany: 3com(1 groups)
3d(1 groups)
3dfxcompany: 3dfx (obsolete?)(2 groups)
3dounknown(1 groups)
aalt(2 groups)
abunknown(7 groups)
abgregional: Augsburg/Germany(2 groups)
abingdonunknown(1 groups)
acadiaunknown(2 groups)
actif(49 groups)
adasstopic: Astronomical Data Archiving Systems and Software(1 groups)
adobecompany: Adobe(182 groups)
adsp(1 groups)
afunknown(1 groups)
afp???: Agence France Press ???(10 groups)
agoranet(9 groups)
ahnunknown(5 groups) groups)
airmailunknown(5 groups)
airnewsunknown(7 groups)
akunknown(6 groups)
akrunknown(4 groups)
alabamaAlabama(20 groups)
albunknown(1 groups)
albasanialbasani(2 groups)
alcunknown(10 groups)
ald(1 groups)
allgaeuregional: Allgaeu/Germany(1 groups)
allola(1 groups)
altalternative Newsgroups(3687 groups)
alt-binaries(1 groups)
altbinaries(2 groups)
aly(2 groups)
aolcompany: AOL(30 groups)
arcountry: Argentina(1 groups)
arkaneunknown(16 groups)
asuunknown(4 groups)
atcountry: Austria(65 groups)
athenaunknown(1 groups)
atlunknown(12 groups)
audiobooks(1 groups)
auscountry: Australia(154 groups)
austinAustin, Texas, USA(17 groups)
autodeskcompany: Autodesk(145 groups)
avAntelope Valley, California, USA(3 groups)
azArizona, USA(6 groups)
baBay Area(40 groups)
baltBaltimore, Maryland, USA(2 groups)
bbs-scene(2 groups)
bcBritish Columbia, Canada(5 groups)
bcsBoston Computer Society, Massachusetts, USA(3 groups)
bdaunknown(1 groups)
becountry: Belgique/Belgie/Belgien/Belgium(50 groups)
belunknown(1 groups)
belwueregional organisation: Landesforschungsnetz BelWue(3 groups)
bermudacountry: Bermuda(1 groups)
bihcountry: Bosnia-Herzegowina(2 groups)
binsearchunknown(1 groups)
bionettopic: Biology(94 groups)
bitBitNet LISTSERV mailing lists(47 groups)
bizUsenet business newsgroups(4 groups)
blnregional: Berlin/Germany(23 groups)
bmc(1 groups)
bnrBell-Northern Research(2 groups)
boerdeunknown(1 groups)
bofhunknown(10 groups)
boneless(1 groups)
borlandcompany: Borland(360 groups)
boulderunknown(1 groups)
brcountry: Brazil(1 groups)
brasilcountry: Brazil(4 groups)
braunschweigregional: Braunschweig/Germany(14 groups)
btnetunknown(1 groups)
caCalifornia, USA(13 groups)
cakewalkunknown(2 groups)
calgaryCalgary, Alberta, Canada(5 groups)
calstateCalifornia State University, USA(9 groups)
camregional: Cambridge area/England(5 groups)
cancountry: Canada(42 groups)
canb???(5 groups)
capdistAlbany (Capital District), New York, USA(5 groups)
carletonCarleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada(13 groups)
caucetopic: Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email(1 groups)
cbdunknown(1 groups)
cernorganisation: Cern, Geneve, Suisse(149 groups)
chcountry: Swiss(17 groups)
cheese-house(1 groups)
chemnitzregional: Chemnitz/Germany(20 groups)
chi(10 groups)
chilecountry: Chile(62 groups)
chineseChina and Chinese language newsgroups(1 groups)
christnetChristian Network(2 groups)
cinci(1 groups)
clariClarinet News Service (commercial)(518 groups)
cle(3 groups)
cmh(1 groups)
cmu(12 groups)
cnChinese?(4 groups)
cnbbs(5 groups)
cnncompany: CNN(1 groups)
co(5 groups)
codewarriortopic: Metrowerks Codewarrior(7 groups)
compBig8 computer-related Newsgroups(685 groups)
computer42(8 groups)
controladministrative internal groups(5 groups)
corelcompany: Corel(114 groups)
cornell(1 groups)
creativecompany: Creative(1 groups)
crosslink(1 groups)
crosspointSoftware: Crosspoint(6 groups)
ct???(1 groups)
cy(1 groups)
czcountry: Czech Republic(83 groups)
dbasecompany: dBase(21 groups)
dc(19 groups)
deinternational german USENET-Groups.(391 groups)
demon(60 groups)
desyorganisation: Desy(1 groups)
dfiunknown(5 groups)
dfw(9 groups)
dictator(8 groups)
dkcountry: Denmark(261 groups)
dnepr(2 groups)
dont(1 groups)
dungeon(1 groups)
dvd(1 groups)
e-cia(42 groups)
eaglecompany: CADsoft(8 groups)
easynet(1 groups)
easynews(4 groups)
easyusenet(1 groups)
edregional: Edinburgh, Scotland(4 groups)
edm(4 groups)
eecountry: Eesti (Estonia)(1 groups)
englandEngland and English newsgroups(7 groups)
erotica(5 groups)
escountry: Spain(185 groups)
escape(1 groups)
espcountry: Spain(57 groups)
eternal-september(7 groups)
eug(3 groups)
eunet(18 groups)
europathemas europee in discussiones multilingual(16 groups)
ex(1 groups)
faunknown(34 groups)
female(3 groups)
feuerwehrmann(19 groups)
ffmregional: Frankfurt am Main/Germany(10 groups)
fhg(1 groups)
fidoFidonet with fido.ger (German) and fido.belg (Belgian)(12 groups)
fido7russian(3242 groups)
fidonet(2 groups)
finetFinland and Finnish language alternative newsgroups(40 groups)
fjcountry: Japan(412 groups)
fl(26 groups)
fmorganisation: Freshmeat(2 groups)
fnet(3 groups)
forumland(4 groups)
frcountry: France(311 groups)
francecountry: France(4 groups)
francomfrench commercial newsgroups(1 groups)
fras(2 groups)
free(264 groups)
freeserve(2 groups)
furunknown(1 groups)
futzelnet(1 groups)
fx(1 groups)
ga(2 groups)
gac(2 groups)
gay-nettopic: Gay(1 groups)
geometrytopic: geometry(5 groups)
gerGerman Fido-Net ??(26 groups)
girlfriends(1 groups)
git(193 groups)
gnuorganisation: Free Software Foundation Mailinglists(34 groups)
gnusunknown(9 groups)
googleCompany: Google(1 groups)
govunknown: Government(1 groups)
gr(7 groups)
grc???(1 groups)
grisbi(9 groups)
grkGreece and Greek language newsgroups(1 groups)
gwene(1266 groups)
gwu(3 groups)
hacktic(1 groups)
hactar(11 groups)
hamburgregional Hamburg(27 groups)
hamstertopic: Software Hamster - Usenet-News-Server(19 groups)
hanHangul language newsgroups (Korean)(7 groups)
hanauregional: Hanau, Germany(7 groups)
hannetregional: Hannover, Germany(87 groups)
hannoverregional: Hannover, Germany(1 groups)
hanseregional: Hanse Networking, germany(13 groups)
hawaii(14 groups)
hdtv(1 groups)
hepnettopic: High Energy Physics Network(13 groups)
hfx(2 groups)
hildesheimregional: Hildesheim, Germany(1 groups)
hiv(18 groups)
hk(32 groups)
houston(17 groups)
hrcountry: Croatia(123 groups)
hsv(7 groups)
humanitiesBig8 Humanities(8 groups)
humanityquest(1 groups)
huncountry: Hungary(53 groups)
hw(1 groups)
ia(11 groups)
ibmcompany: IBM(308 groups)
ic(1 groups)
idoctra(1 groups)
iecountry: Ireland(1 groups)
ies(1 groups)
iijnet(2 groups)
in(3 groups)
infotopic: Internet technical information ???(1 groups)
infragisticscompany: Infragistics, Inc.(19 groups)
inprisecompany: Borland(4 groups)
intelcompany: Intel(1 groups)
iscountry: Iceland and Icelandic newsgroups(1 groups)
israelcountry: Israel(3 groups)
isu(41 groups)
itcountry: Italia(457 groups)
it-alt(260 groups)
italiacountry: Italia(170 groups)
ithaca(2 groups)
japancountry: Japan(484 groups)
jerusalemregional: Jerusalem / Y'rushalayim / al-Quds, Israel(1 groups)
jlug???(1 groups)
jobs???(1 groups)
k12topic: international educational network(42 groups)
ka(21 groups)
kanto(34 groups)
kasselregional: Kassel, Germany(2 groups)
kc(8 groups)
kgk(4 groups)
kielregional: Kiel, Germany(4 groups)
kingston(3 groups)
klregional: Kaiserslautern, Germany(1 groups)
koreacountry: Korea (South)(6 groups)
korean(1 groups)
kpn(2 groups)
ks(1 groups)
kw(4 groups)
ky(2 groups)
la(9 groups)
lada(30 groups)
law(4 groups)
li(1 groups)
linuxtopic: Linux operating system(110 groups)
list???(2 groups)
locallocal Newsgroups(2 groups)
lossless(1 groups)
lou(1 groups)
ls(3 groups)
lucountry: Luxembourg newsgroups(13 groups)
luckyMailinglist-Gateway(1 groups)
luebeckregional: Luebeck, Germany(9 groups)
lvcountry: Latvia(13 groups)
macromediacompany: Macromedia(197 groups)
mail???(1 groups)
mail2news(7 groups)
mailingunknown(214 groups)
maltacountry: Malta and Maltese newsgroups(11 groups)
manga-net(1 groups)
mausgroup: originating from MausNet, germany(101 groups)
mcgill(1 groups)
md(7 groups)
me(10 groups)
mediawayscompany: Mediaways (now known as Telefonica Deutschland)(38 groups)
medluxtopic/language: Russian language medical newsgroups(68 groups)
melb(1 groups)
memphis(2 groups)
mexcountry: Mexico(1 groups)
mi(8 groups)
miami(1 groups)
microsoftcompany: Microsoft(1771 groups)
milf(3 groups)
milw(9 groups)
miscBig8 misc Newsgroups(108 groups)
mlist???(2 groups)
mn(6 groups)
mo(1 groups)
movie(1 groups)
mozilla(107 groups)
mp3(4 groups)
mpc???(23 groups)
mtl(7 groups)
mucregional: Munich, germany(158 groups)
muensterregional: Muenster, Germany(1 groups)
multimedia(3 groups)
mysql(9 groups)
naries(1 groups)
nashville(2 groups)
natinst(1 groups)
nb(4 groups)
nbgregional: Nuernberg, Germany(1 groups)
nbn(1 groups)
nc(7 groups)
ncku(7 groups)
nctu(119 groups)
ncu(32 groups)
ne(10 groups)
nebr(2 groups)
nemo(4 groups)
nersc(27 groups)
net(146 groups)
netobjectscompany ???(5 groups)
netscapecompany/organisation: Netscape/Mozilla(75 groups)
netwin???(1 groups)
neworleans(1 groups)
newsBig8 news-related Newsgroups(28 groups)
news-europe(1 groups)
news4(1 groups)
newsguy(3 groups)
newshosting(1 groups)
newsland(1 groups)
newsmon(1 groups)
newsreader???(2 groups)
nf(13 groups)
nh(3 groups)
niregional: Northern Ireland, UK(4 groups)
niagara(14 groups)
nihonlanguage/country: Japan(40 groups)
nipponlanguage/country: Japan(10 groups)
nj(14 groups)
nlcountry: Netherlands(177 groups)
nl-alt(3 groups)
nlogroup/topic: Nl.Linux.Org Dutch Linux News(109 groups)
nm(5 groups)
nntpworld(1 groups)
nocountry: Norge(219 groups)
nordregional: Norddeutschland, Germany(1 groups)
northregional: Weser-Ems Region, Germany(1 groups)
nova(1 groups)
novellcompany: Novell(515 groups)
nrc(4 groups)
nrwregional: Nordrhein-Westfalen/Germany(19 groups)
ns(3 groups)
ntu(1 groups)
ntu-kpi(67 groups)
nv(14 groups)
ny(15 groups)
nyc(18 groups)
nynex(1 groups)
nzcountry: New Zealand(30 groups)
oau(1 groups)
oc(7 groups)
octanews(1 groups)
odessa(2 groups)
oecherregional: Aachen/Germany(4 groups)
oesterreich(4 groups)
oh(12 groups)
ok(7 groups)
okinawa(36 groups)
ont(13 groups)
opennews(5 groups)
opensuse(25 groups)
openwatcom(4 groups)
operacompany: Opera(41 groups)
or(4 groups)
orange(1 groups)
ott(29 groups)
owlregional: Ostwestfalen-Lippe/Germany(16 groups)
own???: One World Net(1 groups)
pa(31 groups)
pbinfoorganisation: Uni Paderborn Informatik(20 groups)
pdaxs(13 groups)
pdx(4 groups)
pei(1 groups)
perltopic: perl(129 groups)
pgh(18 groups)
pgsqlproject: PostGreSQL(27 groups)
phl(24 groups)
phptopic: PHP (not the drug)(104 groups)
phx(2 groups)
pipex(6 groups)
pitt(6 groups)
plcountry: Poland(253 groups)
pld(8 groups)
pnw(3 groups)
politics???(1 groups)
post(1 groups)
prg(1 groups)
private(1 groups)
pronet(1 groups)
proxad(11 groups)
psi(1 groups)
ptcountry: Portugal(41 groups)
purdue(1 groups)
qc(4 groups)
qdn???(41 groups)
rainbow(2 groups)
reader(1 groups)
realtynet(3 groups)
recBig8 recreational Newsgroups(689 groups)
redhatcompany: Red Hat(1 groups)
relcomrussian-language hierarchy(71 groups)
revue(1 groups)
rheinregional: Rhein area (Cologne and Bonn), Germany(5 groups)
ri(11 groups)
roanoke(1 groups)
robinregional: ???(11 groups)
ru(3 groups)
ruhrregional: Ruhrgebiet, Germany(1 groups)
rwthorganisation: Rheinisch Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen(14 groups)
saarregional: Saarbruecken, Germany(42 groups)
sac(5 groups)
sachsnetregional: Sachsen, Germany(23 groups)
salt(1 groups)
sapcompany: SAP AG(1 groups)
sat(10 groups)
sbay(4 groups)
schl(2 groups)
schooltopic: international Schoolnet(2 groups)
schulegerman School Newsgroups(21 groups)
sciBig8 science Newsgroups(198 groups)
scinet(9 groups)
scotregional: Scotland, UK(18 groups)
scoutorganisation: international Scouts(139 groups)
scruz(1 groups)
sdnet(39 groups)
secountry: Sverige (Sweden)(7 groups)
seattle(18 groups)
sfftopic: Sience Fiction and Fanatasy(542 groups)
sfnetcountry: Suomi-Finland, Finland & Finnish language newsgroups(228 groups)
sgcountry: Singapore(4 groups)
sicountry: Slovenia(71 groups)
sj(1 groups)
skcountry: Slovakia(1 groups)
slo(29 groups)
socBig8 social Newsgroups(245 groups)
solani(2 groups)
sounds(1 groups)
south-walesregional: Southern Wales and Welshnewsgroups, UK(1 groups)
spline???(14 groups)
staff(1 groups)
stgtregional: Stuttgart, Germany(9 groups)
stl(8 groups)
stu(4 groups)
sub(1 groups)
switch(1 groups)
swnetcountry: Sverige (Sweden)(96 groups)
sybasecompany: Sybase(113 groups)
syd(2 groups)
symanteccompany: Symantec(1 groups)
szn(63 groups)
t-online(8 groups)
tacoma(1 groups)
taiwancountry: Taiwan(1 groups)
talkBig8 Usenet talk newsgroups(31 groups)
tamu(24 groups)
taosunknown(2 groups)
telefonicacompany: Telefonica(34 groups)
telekabel(1 groups)
thcountry: Thailand(1 groups)
thenet???(1 groups)
thurregional: Thuringia, Germany(20 groups)
time(1 groups)
tin(23 groups)
tn(2 groups)
tnn???: The Network News (Japanese)(2 groups)
tor(11 groups)
toulouseregional: Toulouse, France(14 groups)
trentu(1 groups)
triangle(40 groups)
trollnet(2 groups)
tumorganisation: Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany(1 groups)
tuwienorganisation: TU Wien, Austria(1 groups)
twcountry: Taiwan(43 groups)
tweaknews(1 groups)
tx(19 groups)
tx-bcs(5 groups)
ualberta(2 groups)
uc(1 groups)
ucb(305 groups)
ucd(55 groups)
uch(1 groups)
ufraregional: Unterfranken, Germany(1 groups)
ukcountry: Great Britain(377 groups)
ukrcountry: Ukraine and Ukranian language newsgroups(5 groups)
ulm(12 groups)
umiami(1 groups)
umich(41 groups)
umn(180 groups)
umontreal(2 groups)
upload(1 groups)
uscountry: USA(20 groups)
usa(2 groups)
usenetserver(1 groups)
uta(2 groups)
utah(5 groups)
utcs(10 groups)
uunet(1 groups)
uw(23 groups)
uwo(66 groups)
va(4 groups)
valt(1 groups)
van(11 groups)
vegas(15 groups)
vgc(15 groups)
videos(1 groups)
visyn(1 groups)
viwa(1 groups)
vmsnet???: originating from Digital VAX network(36 groups)
vmwarecompany: VMware(3 groups)
wa(17 groups)
walesregional: Wales, UK(3 groups)
wanadoo(1 groups)
warez(1 groups)
wash(7 groups)
weblogic???(2 groups)
west-virginia(2 groups)
wi(5 groups)
wny(2 groups)
wolfhh(1 groups)
wolfsburgregional: Wolfsburg, Germany(8 groups)
wpg(7 groups)
wtby(1 groups)
wu(6 groups)
wubu(1 groups)
www(4 groups)
wyo(2 groups)
x-privat(6 groups)
xl(1 groups)
xs4all(9 groups)
yahoo(2 groups)
yakima(1 groups)
yolo(3 groups)
yucountry: Yugoslavia (well, sort of)(1 groups)
yuba(1 groups)
z-netztopic: german alternative Newsgroups(14 groups)
zacountry: South Africa(4 groups)